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Author: Kristina Magathova   Date Posted:16 February 2017 

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Are you wondering how to pick the best electric scooter for travelling? Most people, including myself, do not need to worry about such things; but what about people who are not able to walk, or elderly people?

Travelling with a heavy chair is not easy, especially if your travel plans include flying, so I have come up with a list of the best electric scooters in the market place that are suitable for travelling.

In general, most people would prefer a chair that is easy to fold, light weight, convenient for transfer and of course cost effective. The market is full of foldable chairs that are small in size and convenient, but here are our recommendations as to which ones come out on top.

Pride Mobility - Quest Foldable Scooter

Pride Mobility has several scooters that are suitable for travelling. The Quest Foldable Scooter is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. It offers great performance both inside and out. Its maximum speed is 6km/h and the battery lasts up to 20 km. This scooter is great for people spending their holiday on cruises.



Advantages: There are only 3 steps to fold scooter and 3 steps to unfold scooter. No need to take it apart

Invacare - Colibri Compact 4 wheel

This is a microlight weighted electric scooter designed for those who enjoy a totally independent lifestyle. Due to its smaller design, this scooter is very easy to ride around small places, particularly hotel rooms, shopping malls, restaurants.

colibri.jpgAdvantages: Unlocking lever for swiveling and removing seat, light weight, and includes storage basket.















Shoprider - GK9

GK9 Little Ripper is designed to be fully portable and offer exceptionable functionality. Easy pull apart, fully rotating lockable seat, adjustable steering tiller and fold up armrests. With a larger seat, higher back support and larger wheelbase, this is a great portable mobility scooter for the larger person who needs a little extra room and durability.

shopridergk9littleripper_image.jpgAdvantages: Battery can be charged without scooter being fully assembled















Shoprider GK10

The Shoprider GK10 (Crossover portable scooter) is one of the largest portable scooters. This scooter combines the many of the features found in the larger Shoprider models with the added benefit of the ability to be easily dismantled. Suitable for outside transport (sightseeing, longer outdoor trips) The Crossover scooter has a top speed of 8kmp/h.

shopridercrossover_image.jpgAdvantages: Fastest scooter within its range with speed 8km/h



















Pride GO-Go range

The range of Go-Go scooters from Pride Mobility are one of the best scooters in its category. Go-Go Travel Mobility Products from Pride Mobility feature a light weight construction and are easy to disassemble. This make traveling with a scooter a breeze. They are made for indoor and outdoor use, and their feather-touch disassembly allows users to easily transport and store them. With the addition of a convenient front basket Go-Go Travel Mobility Products are a versatile solution at home or in town. Learn more about our travel mobility products today.

Go-Go LX w CTS Red R Beauty lg batts 1-15.jpg Advantages: suitable for indoor and outdoor. Available as 3-wheel or 4-wheel














Whether you are choosing scooters for transport or travelling, it is always advisable to make sure you take your time when selecting the scooter that suits you and your lifestyle best. It is not the cheapest investment but it is a long term one with major impacts on your life.

With Active Mobility Systems, our consultants are always more than happy to provide you with a range of options and help you hand pick the product that is perfectly suited to your needs. Visit our showroom at Silverwater and receive your own personal Intelligent Mobility Solution.


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