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Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:3 July 2018 

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Personal hygiene is an important aspect of our daily life and is part of our daily routine. However for those that live with disability personal hygiene, such as showering, can be quite difficult. Fortunately shower commodes can greatly help with this part of their life.

Shower commodes are, as its name implies, designed for showering and hygiene activities. Most, if not all shower commodes, are portable meaning that they can be moved from point A to point B without much trouble; this makes it useful when transferring patients between positions. Of course the wheels, or castors, are lockable meaning that you can lock them before having the patient sit on the commode so that they don’t fall down.

Most commodes have a comfortable backrest, made from either PVC or other materials, so that the patient can lean back while they are doing their hygiene. Commodes can also be positioned over toilets so that the client can do their toileting.

Some shower commodes comes with adjustable arms that can be removed, these help the patients to transfer between sitting and standing positions as well as move from the commode to another product.

Shower Commodes are designed to be used in wet environments since they will be used when the patient is showering. Therefore they are made of a material that is durable against water and can be resistant against rust; this is to protect it as rusting can damage the commode over time.

All shower commodes are designed so that carers are the ones pushing the patient to the shower or toilet. However some of the shower commodes are able to be self-propelled for those that are able to have use of their hands so that they don’t have to rely on their carers to take them when they want to do personal hygiene.

These are the common features that can be found in all shower commodes, but each shower commode is unique in some ways. For example the Bonn Mobile Shower Commode is made of a strong, durable synthetic material that is light-weight, rust-free and can be easily cleaned making it great for making sure that the patient is clean.

The Aquatec Ocean Shower Commodes comes not only with an integrated pan holder and commode bowl as standard, but there are three different types available from attendant propelled, self propelled and tilting. That means you have more choices on which commode you want to buy from the same type.

Shower commodes are very useful when a patient wants to do personal hygiene. However here at Active Mobility we don’t just sell shower commodes, we also sell a wide variety of bathroom and showering equipments such as shower rails, bathboards and overtoilet aids to name just a few.

If you’re interested in knowing what we have in the showering and hygiene department come to our website and browse through our wide selection of products.