The Sentida low nursing bed reduces the risk of falls and their often serious consequences, thanks to its low surface height and sophisticated side guard concept. This notably increases safety at night, especially for active patients. The requirements of the current “fall prophylaxis” expert standard are completely complied with. Low nursing beds from the Sentida series offer a wide range of technically advanced functions and elegant design. Patient safety is a top priority. The strain placed on nursing staff is considerably reduced.

With its very low lying height of 25cm, the danger of falls for particularly active residents can be reduced, and safety in the sleep phase increased. Getting into and out of bed is also safer and more comfortable for short residents. Supported by divided side guards, the mobilisation of the resident is encouraged, actively counteracting the risk of a fall. In addition, Sentida creates space in the bed – the dual retraction of back and leg rests ensures relief of pressure in the pelvic area, reducing friction and shearing forces.

Fall prevention, aesthetic design and optimized movability, make Sentida low nursing beds a perfect solution for institutions with high standards of universal care close to the ground:

  • Nursing homes
  • Care resorts, palliative wards
  • Dementia and geriatric wards
  • Rehabilitation institutions

The innovative safety concept provides significant advantages:

  • Can be used as an aid for mobilisation and getting up
  • Fall prevention with respect to the expert standard “Fall Prophylaxis” is possible**
  • Seamless safety
  • Adjustable at four different height levels
  • Intuitive side guard position
  • Use of mattresses up to 18 cm in height for decubitus prevention
  • Safe use of patient restraint systems in accordance with the BfArM*

Sentida stands out through its ease of use:

  • Clear and ergonomic handset
  • Handset and control box in one
  • Automatic comfort seating
  • Automatic comfort position for venous problems therapy and pressure sores prevention (semi-Fowler 30° position)

For healthy and comfortable lying positions:

  • Double retraction of the backrest (11 cm) and leg rest (6 cm) for decubitus prophylaxis
  • Free choice of mattresses
  • Removable partitions ensure ease of cleaning
  • Optimal mattress aeration

Comfort patient surface (option):

  • Comfort spring technology for additional soft lying effect
  • Orientation zone for support when sitting and for orientation while asleep

Mobility via the handset:

  • Mobile in lowest position
  • On 4 freely movable castors
  • 75 mm castor diameter
  • Castor release can be locked – no unintentional release of brake is possible

With innovative lifting technology for progress and added value:

  • 25 - 68 cm height adjustment range
  • 200 kg safe working load
  • Underbed clearance for lifters when in raised state

For getting in and out of bed comfortably, also for short residents and for the comfort of the nursing staff:

  • Low position: 25 cm (fall prophylaxis due to closeness to the ground)
  • Highest position: 68 cm (nursing position that reduces back strain)
SKU 4107005
Brand Wi-Bo
Shipping Weight 60.0000kg
Shipping Width 2.000m
Shipping Height 2.000m
Shipping Length 2.000m
Shipping Cubic 8.000000m3

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