The two elasticated side panels and re-closable tapes of MoliCare Premium Elastic offer advantages for the patient and for the caregiver: For the patient, MoliCare Premium Elastic is comfortable to wear with an adjusted fit as the elasticated side panels adapt to the body’s shape and movement. Reduced handling whilst changing the product helps to preserve the patient's dignity. The caregiver benefits from reduced body stress as MoliCare Premium Elastic is easier and faster to apply and helps with more ergonomic handling. The application is self-explanatory and intuitive including 4 instead of 8 steps compared to traditional slips. A curly fiber layer provides a highly antibacterial and pH 5.5 neutral effect to maintain healthy skin. All-round protection is provided by fast absorption, anti-leakage system and quick dry system.

Suitable for active persons and patients confined to bed, providing secure protection and wearing comfort for severe cases of incontinence.







3144131 Small 1667ml 70-90cm Pack of 30
  3144132 Medium 2159ml 85-120cm Pack of 30
  3144133 Large 2349ml 115-145cm Pack of 30
  3144134 Extra Large 2786ml 140-175cm Pack of 30
3144141 Small 1998ml 70-90cm Pack of 30
  3144142 Medium 2414ml 85-120cm Pack of 30
  3144143 Large 2719ml 115-145cm Pack of 30
  3144144 Extra Large 3180ml 140-175cm Pack of 14
3144151 Small 2356ml 70-90cm Pack of 26
  3144152 Medium 3144ml 85-120cm Pack of 26
  3144153 Large 3220ml 115-145cm Pack of 24
  3144154 Extra Large 3591ml 140-175cm Pack of 14
3144161 Small 2546ml 70-90cm Pack of 16
  3144162 Medium 3521ml 85-120cm Pack of 16
  3144163 Large 3856ml 115-145cm Pack of 24
  3144164 Extra Large 3941ml 140-175cm Pack of 14
3144171 Small 2800ml not final 70-90cm Pack of 22
  3144172 Medium 3700ml not final 85-120cm Pack of 14
  3144173 Large 4200ml not final 115-145cm Pack of 14
  3144174 Extra Large 4500ml not final 140-175cm Pack of 14



  • Adjusted fit & Elasticated side panels: Elasticated side panels in the hip area ensure better adaptation to the body’s shape and movement, delivering improved comfort for the patient
  • Ergonomic use: Approximatively 20% faster application as well as an easier and more ergonomic handling for caregivers
  • Re-closable tapes: 2 re-closable tapes (one for each side) for easy handling and secure closing
  • Active skin protection: Skin-friendly, pH 5.5 ensures maximum skin compatibility. Keeps skin dry with a 3-layer absorbent core and advanced dry technology
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested: The materials used have extremely low potential to trigger allergic reactions
  • Odour neutralizer: Neutralises unpleasant odours, for enhanced well-being
  • Anti-leakage system: Ensures greater leakage protection for more security

Absorbent Product Features

Absorbent Product Feature


Active Skin Protection

Skin Friendly due to pH value of 5.5

3-layer absorbent core and Quick Dry System

Guides fluid quickly into the centre, locking both urine and odour safely inside. Leaving dry skin for comfort and reduced risk of IAD (Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis).

Patented Curly Fibre Technology

Maintains the skin at a healthy pH and preserves the acid mantle to help prevent, reduce the severity of, and promote healing of IAD.






Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested

The materials used have an extremely low potential to trigger allergic reactions.




Anti Leakage System


Anti Leakage System

Inner cuffs ensure maximum protection maintaining wearer dignity and limiting laundry changes.



Odour Neutraliser


Odour Neutraliser

Superabsorbent polymers reduce ammonia formation and reduces odours.




Ergonomic Use

Ergonomic Use

Approximately 20% faster application as well as an easier and more ergonomic handling for caregivers.




Elasticated Side Panels


Elasticated Side Panels

Elasticated side panels in the hip area ensure better adaptation to the body's shape and movement, delivering improved comfort for the wearer.

SKU 3144
Brand Hartmann
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.300m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 0.200m
Shipping Cubic 0.009000000m3

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