Hydrotherapy patient belt to allow moving and handling assistance within a pool environment. The hydrotherapy aqua belt is used in a similar fashion to a patient belt; as grabbing a patient or end user under the arm or by the shoulders, head or neck in a wet environment in order to prevent, brace or move a patient/end user could result in many different scenarios not least damaging to the patient and carer.

Using a neoprene belt will allow the caregiver to use the aqua belt to move the patient/end user towards them without putting excess strain onto limbs or damaging skin, allowing for a more controlled movement through water.

Should also be used in any situation where end users could be a fall risk in a wet environment such as a shower, hot tub, swimming pool etc. Using the belt in the same way as a patient belt will give the caregiver(s) the ability to lower the end user to the ground in a controlled safe way.

This belt is often used along with various flotation devices and is an essential part of a hydrotherapist's, rehabilitation and physiotherapist's safety kit. A belt of this nature is NOT a transfer belt and if a scenario requires a user to be lifted to or from the water a specific pool side/wet environment chair hoist/lift should be used. Any lifting device should have been installed and a full assessment carried out before use.

The patient must be able to support their own weight. Not to be used as a standing or lifting aid.

Available in one material type: Neoprene

  • Wash by hand
  • Do not tumble dry


Size Chest/Waist Circumference 
Small/Medium 73 - 86cm
Standard 85 - 98cm
Medium/Large 91 - 104cm
SKU 267131114
Brand Silvalea

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