Pool Hoists For People With Disabilities

Author: Kristina Magathova   Date Posted:17 December 2015 

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Summer arrived in Australia just a few weeks ago. Everyone has been waiting for the sun so we can start enjoying warm weather… somewhere close to water.

Water is the ideal element for a number of activities that support the improvement of health and lifestyle for people of all ages. What if the beach or the pool are not an option anymore? For many people with disabilities or the elderly water is an ideal way to relax, mostly because it provides a sense of freedom but also because water eliminates the effects of gravity on the body and gives lightness of movement. However, the ability to enjoy the pleasure of swimming is not the same for everyone. Those with special needs have to overcome many obstacles when trying to get into the water.


People with disabilities use water for their exercise as it helps them with many types of movement. This is known as hydrotherapy or water therapy. Therapists prescribe hydrotherapy for treating pain and for rehabilitation – it gives freedom and ease of motion.

For many people it can be impossible to access pools or spas without using hoists. Pool hoists are the simplest and most advantageous solution for access to any swimming pool without complicated construction work. The market offers different types of hoists, depending on people’s level of disability.

  1. Hydraulic or manual pool hoists are operated using a simple hydraulic pump similar to a car jack.
  2. Hydropowered hoists use a (garden) hose to provide hydraulic pressure. The operator opens the water valve to lift the patient in or out of the pool or spa.
  3. Battery powered hoists can lift up to 30 people on a full charge.

How to find the right pool hoist for home use to fit your requirements?

Will your hoist be used for commercial (business) use or home use?

Buying a hoist for domestic use will be financially cheaper as you focus on your disability and your needs. Not the others. Before purchasing a hoist, be aware of your weight as well as your need to inform people about your needs for choosing the correct hoist for you.

Buying pool hoists or lifts require a person who can install the hoist next to your pool. That person, builder, should be responsible for checking the pool surround.  He needs to decide where is the best spot to build/ install hoist, if the place has enough concrete (most models require 200mm deep).

Buying pool hoists (lifts) for commercial (business) usage is much harder and financially very expensive. Any pool that is open to public, pools in health centres, schools, gyms, hotels must have at least one and must follow Standard requirements. 

What is the budget?

Buying a pool hoist is not financially easy. You should (have to) make sure, your hoist suits the climate and weather conditions you live in. However getting good quality products will sooner or later reflect on your investment.

Thanks to pool hoists, pool access has become easier and more convenient for many people. It is a benefit having a pool hoist at the pool not just for the user, but for the operator or pool owner as well.





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