Splash Into Summer With AMS

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:28 November 2017 

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With summer just around the corner and with it the soaring temperatures the pool has never looked more pleasant or appealing then now.

However the design of the pool may cause various problems for those who are less mobile especially those that are wheelchair-bound.

Fortunately Active Mobility Systems have a range of accessories and hoists catering for pool-side transfer and lifting of patients.

One of our products is the Guardian Pool Hoist which can be easily operated by an attendant via a hydraulic-powered lifting mechanism.


Featuring a 350 degree swivel as well as full 157cm lifting range it is suitable for pool-side assistance.

The hoist has a safe working load of up to 182kg and is available from $2,700.

Another one of our products is the Australian-made Penguin Pool Hoist which has a safe working load of between 150 – 200kg available from $9,300.


It’s dual configurations of either a mobile or fixed hoist, means that you have the option of having it easily wheeled from one area to another or taken from storage and used on the spot.

A variety of slings, hoists and seats can be used in conjunction with this product ensuring the correct support for any level of disability needs.

Installation can be done through your own handyman or alternatively we can arrange the installation for you.

Finally we have the poolside hoist made by Reval, which allows for autonomous access to pools thanks to its rotation system and electrical hi-lo.

With a maximum load capacity of 150kg the Reval Poolside Hoist is equipped with a 4.2A motor with full 360 degrees rotation which can be either manual or powered.


The steel frame is coated with an anti-corrosion material and has been painted and galvanized.

At AMS we know that all pools are different so we will work with you to ensure that our products meets your pool’s needs.


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