Weighing Devices Terms Glossary

Author: Kristina Magathova   Date Posted:11 February 2016 

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Remote_Display_web.jpgActive Mobility Systems provides intelligent mobility solutions in the health industry.  As professionals, we provide the best service to our clients and patients in power mobility, patient care and patient lifting. We educate on a day to day basis and receive new information about products that can help many people with disabilities live independently.





Marsden Medical Scales

Active Mobility Systems has brought Marsden medical devices to the Australian market. Weighing scales from Marsden are one of the best weighing devices in their class. These reliable and accurate weighing devices are an essential tool for effective monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of patients. It is also paramount that the patient’s physical size and level of mobility are accounted for in any weighing procedure.

Active Mobility Systems offers the Marsden range of Class III medical scales in configurations suitable for newborn babies through to the bariatric care. Many of the Marsden scales, such as wheelchair scales or body composition scales, contain features that not everyone can understand.

It is likely that from time to time, our clients or customers will ask us questions about equipment we provide- about its features and specifications, and we understand that our answers may not always be obvious to our clients. In many cases, people may just forget.

Download your Medical equiment terms glossary

Avoid being caught with questions when asked “what is tare?” or “what is BMI?” we have decided to put together a glossary and create a guide that you can download and keep for quick reference.

If there is any term that is not included in our Medical scales guide, let us know!


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