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  Date Posted: 27 November 2018

Power lift chairs, or recliner chairs, are designed to elevate and tilt to allow patients to sit without too much trouble. Most reclining chairs feature a control box that allows for that very same lifting mechanism. You may find that while you’re browsing through our range of lifting chairs for sale that you see words such as ‘Single Motor’ or ‘Dual Motor’. Simply put it means that a single motor allows you to raise your legs or recline the backrest however it must be done in a certain order. On the other hand dual motors allows many more options than a single motor would be able to do such as having the backrest and legs move independent of each other. With all these amazing features you may think that power lift chairs are pricey, while that could be true, here at Active Mobility Systems we have lift chairs for sale that are affordable and below $1500.

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  Date Posted: 13 November 2018

A bedside commode is a moveable toilet that doesn’t use running water. It has the appearance of a char with a toilet seat and has either a bucket or container underneath; this container can also be removed for cleaning after it has been used. It is commonly used, as its name implies, at the bedside by patients who are unable, or have difficulty, getting to their bathroom by themselves either because they don’t have the strength to do so or enough time. We have a wide range of bedside commodes available and we always try to find the right products at the right price for our customers. Below are our top 5 bedside commodes under $500. 5. Deluxe Bedside Commode Starting off at $406, the Deluxe Bedside Commode comes standard with a padded seat cover that can slide back easily for access to the commode. Additionally it com

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  Date Posted: 6 November 2018

With the large number of people utilising aged care in Australia, maintaining facilities that can accommodate, support and empower the country’s aged community members is more important than ever. Last year alone, there were more than 800 thousand people in more than 200 thousand facilities using government-subsidised aged care, according to the data gathered by GEN, a site focusing on different aged care statistics and records. These facilities provide care systems to the ageing community members of Australia, not only physically but emotionally and socially as well. For families, these places help them care for their loved ones, especially tho

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  Date Posted: 30 October 2018

Disability awareness is about challenging notions and stereotypes about persons with disabilities and replacing these harmful assumptions with knowledge and understanding. According to the Australian Department of Human Services , persons with disabilities have the same rights as other members of the community; therefore, these persons should be given equal opportunities in life to make their decisions and achieve their goals. Through proper education about disabilities, increased awareness allows for a more inclusive community that does not shy away or hesitate to communicate and work with these persons. One of the priority areas for increased disabilities is the home, especially if there are less able family members staying in it. Homes are places of comfort for persons with disabilities, and the responsibility to maintain that

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  Date Posted: 23 October 2018

Persons with disability become comfortable when their environment allows them to move freely and safely, especially at home. A conducive space makes these persons feel not only welcome but also empowered, helping them feel that they are included and can once again participate in society . One way to create this type of environment is by ensuring disabled-friendly spaces, with necessary support systems and mobility equipment available for use. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics , half of the people with disability in 2015 used aids or equipment to help with everyday tasks and around 15% needed aids or equipment for self-care like showers and baths, making di

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  Date Posted: 16 October 2018

2018 has been a year full of seminars and events that AMS has hosted here in our Silverwater showroom. From learning about manual handling by our very own Roland Hutchison and Jo Shelswell to learning about the very new beds by Novacorr. But now as 2018 draws to a close Active Mobility Systems is proud to host one last seminar by Medifab and Sunrise Medical. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to hear from international presenters with years of clinical experience. On this intermediate level workshop, Amy and Joana aim to support therapists in developing assessment and prescription strategies to address postural and wheelchair mobility needs of the adult population. They will take the process from the beginning including client assessment, postural mat evaluation and discuss possible solutions to address abnormal postures. They will then translate that information into product prescription and set up. The learning process will be facilitated by han

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  Date Posted: 2 October 2018

Healthcare professionals often incur musculoskeletal injuries from body stress or overexertion. In Safe Work Australia’s 2016 report , over 66,000 claims were filed by community and personal service workers for musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) from 2009-10 and 2013-14. Over 30% of the claims from this category came from personal carers and assistants and almost 20% came from health and welfare support workers. Among one of the greatest risk factors for body stressing injuries is the manual lifting of patients, residents or clients. Despite following the best practices for manually lifting a patient, the repetitive action of carrying a person who may not have full control of their body can cause body stressing injuries. Body mechanics is not enough; a comprehensive patient handling program m

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Aged CareOccupational Therapy

  Date Posted: 25 September 2018

Falls are considered one of the most serious problems related to ageing. Carers can help the elderly overcome their fear of falling. Fear of falling is a significant factor that increases the risk of a fall. In a study by Neuroscience Research Australia, this is prevalent in those who have fallen previously. Whether the fear stems from decreased visual acuity, physical weakness, unsafe home settings or medications, we can help reduce fears and fall risks for older adults. Following are some ways you can help the elderly overcome their fear of falling. Give them a boost of confidence One of the roles of carers is to help older people gain confidence. There may be a specific area in the home or community where they are more fearful, perhaps a place where they have fallen before. Help them understand the risks, and find alternate solutions to reclaim enjoyable experiences. Establishing a continge

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Aged CareDaily Living AidsFalls Prevention

  Date Posted: 18 September 2018

Many representatives and technicians have admitted that most of the service calls they receive relate to Battery issues . Users claim that their battery depletes quickly despite their scooter being new or having just charged the battery. In some cases, these signs point to the need for a battery replacement but most times, the batteries work perfectly fine. If you are experiencing problems with a mobility scooter's battery, it is advisable to run a few tests first before replacing the battery or calling a technician for assistance. How to Test the Battery Battery-powered senior scooters for sale have a battery meter that indicates how much power is left. At a stand-still, check your battery indicator or LED meter. During this testing process, the scooter must be fully charged. Run the test on a flat level surface. If

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