Basic Electric Wheelchairs Under $5K

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:19 March 2019 

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Electric mobility wheelchairs are useful for those that live with disability as many of them can be customised to suit the needs of the individual. Furthermore being electric it means that should the user be able to use the joystick themselves it makes them more independent.

However these custom-built can be costly along with time-consuming as they need to be built. For those that require only a basic power wheelchair it would be highly recommended to try Active Mobility’s range of Basic Electric Mobility Wheelchair range. These are off-the-shelf, ready-made power wheelchairs that don’t cost as much as the custom-built ones with some priced at above $2000 in some cases.

Want to know more? Then come take a read of our cheapest basic electric wheelchairs.


Priced at $2,482, the Pride Go Chair is our cheapest electric wheelchair with an easy-to-remove battery pack along with being compact as it can be disassembled into four manageable pieces.

With a top speed of 5.65km/h it can take you where you want to go; additionally its twin motors helps with tractions and precision handling allowing for a tight turning radius of 68.26cm.

The Pride Go Chair has a maximum range of up to 12.87km with a standard base weight of 25.86kg and a weight capacity of 113kg.


The budget power wheelchair model, the Streamer offers many of the same features that can be found on pricier wheelchairs such as high back seat, a sleek body design and smooth operation. The rear-wheel drive wheelchair also features two powerful 0.8hp motors that deliver outstanding performance with a maximum range of up to 18km with a max speed of 7.5km/h. Additionally the wheelchair has a turning radius of 650mm with a max weight limit of 136kg. All of this can be yours for only $2,995.


Built with ease of service in mind the Jazzy Select 6 combines the advantages of in-line motor technology for increased efficiency, torque and range while providing maximum front stability.

It features Active-Trac Suspension along with rear and front 6” castors for superior performance both indoors and outdoors. Additionally the power wheelchair can drive up to 20.8km with a max speed of 6.8km/h along with a turning radius of 54.6cm for tight turns.


The Shoprider Puma 10 has been ergonomically engineered to provide a combination of both style and comfort with its multi adjustable 460mm Captain’s Seat, powerful smooth motors and mid-wheel manoeuvrability.

With a top range of up to 20km the Puma 10 can take you anywhere with the power wheelchair able to tackle a variety of terrains and hard surfaces with its 12 degrees maximum climbing angle. It’s available for $4,250.


Shoprider’s Venice Light Weight wheelchair features a world-leading battery technology that reduces the weight of the chair itself to only 32kg including the batteries. Furthermore the batteries have a very high life cycle and can rapidly recharge within 3 hours so that users can quickly get back on the move again.

This versatile wheelchair is suitable for portable users due to its quick disconnect lever, which allows it to be dismantled in seconds. Additional features includes a comfortable mid-back seat, adjustable height and armrests and powerful motors all which helps deliver safety and comfort for the users.

There are more basic electric wheelchairs available on our website along with a wide variety of mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs and patient lifting hoists. However if you are after one of our custom-built power wheelchairs then send us an email at and our friendly sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.