"Building Confidence through Practice" Seminar

Author: Jo Shelswell   Date Posted:11 November 2016 

"Building Confidence through Practice" Seminar main image "Building Confidence through Practice" Seminar image

1753.jpgThis week Active Mobility hosted the first of many training days in the new premises. Training was conducted by Amy Bjornson from Sunrise Medical. Amy explained how to ‘Build Confidence Through Practice’ and the importance of comprehensive assessments and trials with power wheelchairs and their seating.

Amy detailed the critical importance of the OT initial assessment with the wheelchair user to understand their needs and goals. If the OT does not investigate thoroughly from the beginning this can result in complications during the trial phase and failed expectations of the user.

Amy provided considerations for the different drives of wheelchairs (front, rear, mid and hybrid) with each of their positives and limitations.

Dynamic seating features were reviewed (tilt, elevation, recline and lateral tilt) and the added feature of seated memory functions in the QM710 Sedeo-Ergo wheelchair. This wheelchair allows for program reminders for position change and 6 different memory seating functions at the touch of a button.

Drive control options had us discussing the options of proportional vs non-proportional input devices. The different input devices we trialled had us exploring our environment in new and exciting ways.

With technology being used in most of our everyday lives it is great that assistive technology can be interfaced with power wheelchairs. Independence for the people we work with can be a toggle across or tap of a switch away.

Thank you so much Amy for sharing your knowledge with us!

Active Mobility will be hosting more training sessions in 2017. Please contact us if you are not on our mailing list and would like to be notified about upcoming training opportunities or if you would like to discuss equipment or organise a trial.