Protac MyBase stimulates the sense of touch as well as the muscle and joint position senses, promoting calmness and improving body awareness. It is used for sense-stimulation and training/rehabilitation for all age groups, or as a secure base for properly positioning wheelchair users and people with spasticity, paralysis, developmental disorders or brain injuries.

Mattress filled with balls that trains balance and brings calmness and relief to those with physical and mental disabilities.

MyBase is a specially developed air mattress used in combination with balls to create a secure base. It stimulates the body in a fun and comfortable way whether the user stands, walks, crawls, rolls or lies on it.

The air mattress is easy to inflate and assemble. The loose balls are grouped in four chambers which are integrated with the cover.

The loose balls cause the body to sink slightly into the mattress, giving the user a sense of security and calm. The deep pressure of the balls highlights the body’s boundaries, leading to greater bodily awareness. It does not take much activity or strength to create movement in the mattress. This allows the user to stimulate their sense of balance and touch, as well as their muscle and joint sense.

MyBaSe can be used on both sides and has both an active and a stable side. The active side is used when training and challenging the user's sense of balance and muscle and joint sense. The stable side is used when the user needs to sense the boundaries of their body and calm down and relax.

Protac MyBase is suitable for training body awareness, muscle tone and balance. The user can lay, roll around, bounce and sit on the mattress and feel stimulation to their sensory system through the pressure of the balls. If the mattress is placed with its curved side down, it will rock slightly when moved, training the user's balance.

Supportive positioning that envelopes the body
Protac MyBase can be used to assist in positioning people with brain injuries who are afflicted with spasticity. The pressure of the balls alleviates spasticity and has a calming effect on the body. Protac MyBase can serve as an alternative for positioning wheelchair users or people with paralysis. Because the balls are distributed loosely, the user will sink down into the mattress a bit, which will then support and envelope the user's body. The airbed serves as a secure base where users can relax their muscles and calm down.

Recommended by specialists
Protac KneedMe is also used by therapists and specialists as an aid for motor skill training. The mattress is curved on one side to challenge and train the user's balance, while the other side is more stable and suitable for gentler treatment. Protac MyBase is also used in institutions, sensory rooms, therapy rooms and rehabilitation centres at hospitals and drop-in centres.

Design and size
Protac MyBase is an inflatable airbed and comes with an electric pump. On the top side of the mattress there are four large bags filled with loose plastic balls beneath an elastic top cover which zips the whole way around the mattress. The top and bottom of the mattress are different and can be used for training balance. Protac MyBase has carrying handles on each side making it easy to turn over and move around.

Size: 200 x 200 cm
Filling: 50 mm EVA plastic balls
Cover: 100% polyester

SKU 36630824
Brand Protac

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