Flexibility in designing overhead tracking systems is a must in order to accommodate different room environments and configurations. Using the Luna overhead system components allows, for a great degree of flexibility in transfer situations, in nursing homes, in any care environments.

The Ergolet turntable allows for directional changes quickly and easily. This simple, manually activated turntable allows for a 4 direction change to suit varying configurations when using the track in a fixed mode. Add the Ergolet track changer and the flexibility become even more apparent – changing to one or the other direction accommodates the needs of especially home care users where space may be at a premium. Using the Luna flexible track components in a combination with the unique Luna cassette makes it the preferred choice for home care or institutional use.

Key standard functions

  • Simple, easy to operate systems
  • Combine easily with other track components
  • Easy to install

Product highlights

  • Manually operated turntable and track changer
  • Little maintenance required
  • Modular design
  • Great flexibility to accommodate varying room configurations

Weight capacity turntable & track charger 200kg

SKU 233320911
Brand Ergolet

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