5 Must-Have Items for People Living in Aged Care

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:8 September 2022 

5 Must-Have Items for People Living in Aged Care main image 5 Must-Have Items for People Living in Aged Care image

5 Must-Have Items for People Living in Aged Care

As we age, our bones, joints and muscles start to weaken and some tasks require more effort than they did before — some tasks may be near impossible. 

To help them maintain their independence in aged care, a wide range of daily living aids are available to help with toileting, bathing, preparing food and even dressing. In this article, we share five must-have items for people living in aged care to maintain their independence and make their stay more comfortable.

#1. Falls Prevention Slippers

SLIP-NOT Fall Management Slippers


Almost one in three older Australians have experienced a fall in the last 12 months, and of these, one in five required hospitalisations. Falls are a serious problem for older people and can cause serious injuries — even death. With this in mind, your loved one needs appropriate non-slip footwear to reduce the risk of falls. 

We recommend opting for fall management socks or slippers like the SLIP-NOT Fall Management Slippers pictured above. These slippers have a soft terry-towelling upper and a latex-free rubber sole — plus, they’re available in five bright colours, including green, red, pink, orange and yellow, so that you can purchase your loved one's favourite colour.

#2. Pick-Up Reachers

Pick-up Reachers

If your loved one has impaired mobility, they may need help reaching things around them. We recommend investing in a Pick-Up Reacher — with an ergonomic full-trigger handle, minimal finger extension is required, making it great for those with a weak grip. The twin dripping jaws are rubber-lined for controlled grip and a swivel-head so that your loved one can pick things up from various angles. 

Plus, there’s a magnet on the head of the retrieval of pins and other small metal objects.

#3. Bathing Aids

Toe washer

As we age, our joints start to wear out and it can be harder — even painful — for your loved one to wash themselves. If your loved one can still shower or bathe independently (supervised), bathing aids can help them wash those hard-to-reach places like their toes, back or even their hair. 


Long-handled sponges are perfect for soap and shampoo. Alternatively, lambswool pads are super soft and absorbent and include a wire stem that can be angled to reach anywhere on the body. Both options come with a long, comfortable, gripable handle. 

We recommend opting for a simple toe washer for washing feet and toes. Again, our toe washers have a wire stem that can be angled to get in between the toes.

#4. Incontinence Aids

MoliCare Premium Elastic Drops

If your loved one struggles with incontinence, they will need to have incontinence products delivered regularly. At Active Mobility, we stock the entire MoliCare range, including incontinence pads for all shapes and sizes and various absorbance levels. 

We also stock MoliCare skincare products to protect irritated skin, including the MoliCare Barrier Cream, Skin Cleansing Foam and Body Lotion, all specially formulated for elderly skin.

#5. Dressing Aids

Long handle brush

While your loved one will have someone there to assist them with changing and getting dressed each day, they may still want to do it themselves and maintain their independence. Dressing aids and accessories make this not just possible but easy — our collection includes:

Find everything your loved one needs for comfortable living in aged care with Active Mobility

At Active Mobility, we want to make living in aged care comfortable and simple for older Australians, which is why we stock an incredible range of products that are ideal for aged care. Browse our collection and shop online for fast, affordable shipping throughout Australia.