Different places - Different patients - Different weigh scales

Author: Kristina Magathova   Date Posted:18 February 2016 

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Many health problems are caused because of weight. When monitoring a patient’s health, it is good to have and know recent information of all the health indicators. To know your patients weight is necessary to avoid other health issues that might be related to weight.

Talking about weight importance, we should be aware of all the measurements that are important to know to avoid any other health issues. Many people think they are healthy and their weight is in the norm as they weigh themselves on general weigh scales. There are many more types of scales designed for the health iindustry, some of them are known more, some of them less, that see more than just a digital number (e.g.: Body Composition Scales).

Owning a scale at home is great for measuring your weight. The fact is, not many people are keen or even able to get advanced weigh scales for home usage. The fact, you need to know and be aware of using the more advanced scales by yourself.

The most common scales suitable for people

file_41_3.jpgBaby Scales

Having a baby is an exciting time in anyone’s life.  When the baby is born, doctors have to check its health condition. Baby scales are designed to easily weigh an infant with minimal discomfort.



Bariatric Scalesm-640_lo_res.jpg

Bariatric scales are assigned to those patients that exceed standard scale weight requirements. Bariatric scales that AMS offers can carry patient up to 500kg with the facility to sit on or to weigh patients in a wheelchair. 



m-610_no_wire.jpgWheelchair Scales

For patients that are unable to stand without assistance wheelchair scales are great alternative. These scales have a trolley, that mean it is easy to transport them around or by folding they  are easy to fit in the car. All Marsden medical scales that Active Mobility Systems offers are Class III approved and have been designed with long and gentle inclines to make them easy to use.  These scales have a tare feature to deduct the weight of the wheelchair.


Each Marsden Medical Scale is designed for patient comfort, regardless of whether it is an infant, elderly person or person with disability getting their measurements taken. Especially with changes that are happening every day in the health industry, it is important to get accurate measurements of a patient’s weight.

Active Mobility Systems has been serving customers for over 20 years and is a well-established supplier of weighing medical scales equipment. Check out the Medical Scales, that Active Mobility Systems supply.