Get A Good Night's Sleep With Our Pressure Relieving Overlays

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:3 May 2019 

Get A Good Night's Sleep With Our Pressure Relieving Overlays main image Get A Good Night's Sleep With Our Pressure Relieving Overlays image

Getting a good night’s sleep is important as sleep plays an important role in your physical health. According to the South Australian Health Department it helps with physical recover and repair along with supporting brain development.

However there may be people who have trouble sleeping due to pressure sores, which in turn could affect their overall health. Thankfully Active Mobility has a wide range of pressure care equipment that helps with various day-to-day pressure care issues including sleeping.

Which products are the best will depend on the needs of the individual, but below are some of our popular pressure care equipment for beds.


The soft open cell foam provides additional comfort to existing mattresses while its convoluted profile provides increased air circulation. The foam overlay is available in a three sizes: Single, Double and Queen with a price range of $165 - $281 making it an affordable and simple pressure care foam overlay.


Designed by ROHO their high-quality air mattress system is divided into four sections with each section able to be customized to the needs of the individual user. That means if you want more pressure on one section compared to the others then you can do so by pumping more air into that particular section.

Its flexible cells adapt to the contours of the patient while reducing shear forces during transfer or repositioning. In addition the cells are interconnected and their unique shape promotes blood circulation to facilitate pressure prevention, healing and relief.

The ROHO Mattress System is suitable for those that are at high risk of pressure issues as well as bariatric users.


Available in Regular, Large or Full Mattress the quality, versatile AKTON polymer mattress pad promotes even pressure distribution as AKTON polymer gel, unlike fluid gel, doesn’t displace from areas requiring pressure relief. In areas where shear forces and pressure points are relevant the mattress isolates and protects it in addition to providing significant shock, vibration and impact absorption.

Sealed by a waterproof film the Action Overlay doesn’t promote bacterial growth making it ideal for multi-patient uses. It can be used in procedures that last more than one hour or for patients with circulatory problems.


For patients who require moderate pressure care needs the Soflex Overlay is divided into three sections with each section able to be adjusted to suit the needs of the client. The overlay’s polyurethane cells are interconnected and designed to help improve and maintain blood flow to prevent or treat skin issues. Moreover the cells are flexible and adapts to the body shape of the patients which reduces the effects of shear forces.


For patients who are at medium-risk of pressure sores the Opal Overlay’s alternating pressure air system helps prevent that from happening with its rows of air cell bubbles inflating and deflating at alternately, which assists in user comfort while increasing blood circulation.

Easy to clean and hygienic the one-piece PVC construction has a quiet operating pump that can be hooked onto the bed frame along with manual pressure control functions and a visual low pressure indicator.

Of course we have more pressure reliving bed equipment available on our online store. However as stated before each patient is unique so it’s best to consult with our experienced sales representatives who can help you choose the right decision by contacting them at or call us on 02 9649 2111.