Guide To Standing Lifting Hoists

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:24 March 2020 

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Standing lifts are specifically designed to secure patients during transfers from a seated position to a standing position, enabling quicker, easier, and safer patient lifting and transfer for both the patient and the caregiver. Another name for it is sit to stand hoists.

Each standing lift offers varying amounts of equipment to assist the patient and caregiver during the process of standing or sitting. This additional equipment can include specialized padded hand grips, lifting harnesses, and supporting straps for ankles and knees, among other things.

Salsa 200

One of our most popular standing hoists the Salsa 200 is superficially designed to assist less than able people transfer from a seated position to a supported seated position. Electrically operated the Salsa has an ergonomic feature that’s designed with both patients and carers in mind.

The Salsa has a SWL of 200kg with a lifter weight of 51kg. Additionally the base width can be opened up to 1030mm with a maximum lift arm height of 1685mm. It has an under base height of 55mm and a minimum storage height of 1190mm.

The Salsa’s kneepad’s height can be adjusted as needed by the user while the footplate can be removed if not needed.

MiniLift 200

The Minilift 200 is a mobile sit-to-stand lifter that’s developed to help users rise, as gently as possible, from a seated to a standing position. Through the right combination of accessories users can be supported from under the feet, for their knees and lower legs as well as behind their back.

It is a small and convenient lifter that’s easy to manoeuvre with its lockable rear castors and easy rolling, maintenance-free castors. Additionally it has an ergonomic and easy-to-use hand control with 4 buttons that are grip-friendly handles with multiple options for hand placement.

For user safety the MiniLift 200 is equipped with an electrical emergency stop on the control box, which also has diagnostics such as lift counter and overload indicator. The standing hoist has a high capacity batter with a long service life.

MiniLift 125

The Minilift 125 is a mobile sit-to-stand lifter that’s developed for helping users rise from a seated to a standing position as gently as possible. By using the right combination of accessories users can be supported under the feet, for knees and lower legs as well as behind the back.

The movement of the lift arm is designed so that the pulling motion ends comfortably in the lower back, which prevents the sit-to-stand vest from riding up under the arms.

The Minilift’s lift arm can be easily adjusted and is easily operated. Additionally it has a grip-friendly handle with several options for hand placement.

Small and convenient the Minilift has lockable wheels for additional security and can take up to 125kg of weight. Additionally it has a low footplate for convenience and the lower legs have a soft support and can be easily adjusted to suit user needs.

By no means are these are complete range of standing hoists. Nor is it our complete range of products, we also sell patient lifting hoists, ceiling hoists, electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters as well as daily living aids. If you’re ever in need of assistance give us a call or email to our friendly sales team at