Buyer's Guide to Wheelchair Harnesses and Belts

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:3 February 2020 

Buyer's Guide to Wheelchair Harnesses and Belts main image Buyer's Guide to Wheelchair Harnesses and Belts image

Wheelchairs are helpful equipment that allows those living with disabilities, or are otherwise not as mobile as others, to go from point A to point B. However for those that live with severe disabilities, there is always the potential of falling or sliding off and that can be frustrating and distressing for both carers and users.

Active Mobility stocks Bodypoint products, which includes the hip belts, harnesses and universal elastic straps. These products aid the user in sitting properly on the wheelchair and reduce the chances of them slipping out and injuring themselves.

Padded Hip Belts

Bodypoints’ unique padded hip belt is designed with user comfort in mind. The belt has a seamless transition from the creep-resistant webbing to the contoured pads with a rounded edge binding where they contact the user.

Knowing how difficult it can be to keep belts clean the padded hip belt’s materials and sewing techniques are chosen to resist dirt and keep it from trapping onto the belt.

The belt’s webbing is designed with smoother edges while its closed-cell foam in the pads are highly resilient and has a greater distribution properties. Finally its exclusive D-ring design is deeper for larger hand sizes and stays in place for easier grasping.

Available in a variety of sizes it also comes in 2-points or 4-points for an even more secure belt.

Universal Elastic Strap

One of our most popular products the universal elastic strap is used for temporary positioning in situations such as therapy clinics, fittings, motor vehicles etc. making it a stable solution.

The elastic strap is strong and can be used on the chest, abdomen, lap or legs and it has an easy-grasp tab with a thumbhole for users with limited hand functions making it a versatile support and positioning tool for caregivers, therapists and users.

Available in a variety of sizes the universal elastic strap is made from durable, high-stretch neoprene with soft nylon loop fabric. It features a simple hook-and-loop closure for easy one-handed opening and adjustment and if need be it can be easily cut-to-length without fraying.

Leg Harness

The Leg Harness is the go-to solution for people that tend to slide out of their chairs, thrust or have spasticity. It wraps each leg from the rear of the seat to the inner thigh at the front of the chair.

This increases the surface for greater control of movement. Additionally the harness has a unique, user-friendly design so that it’s almost foolproof in terms of correctly using it; also it can be used with or without a pelvic belt depending on the specific needs of the client.

Shoulder Harness

A high strength padded shoulder harness that has the option of either front or rear pull adjustment. If desired it is also available with dynamics strap to allow forward reach.

The goal of the anterior trunk support is to extend the trunk and retract the scapulas thereby reducing the kyphosis.

This aligns the trunk over the pelvis, which improves respiratory capacity, safe swallow, head control while also maintaining a good visual field and improving overall pressure distribution.

If the user is capable of active trunk extension then the dynamics strapping may allow for a more anterior movement for functional reach while still being able to provide stability and improve posture.

These are just some of the Bodypoint products that Active Mobility stocks. We have a wide range of products that help patients on a day to day basis along with our core products including power wheelchairs, mobility scooters and patient lifting hoists.