How To Find The Best Pool Hoist for Your Needs

Author: Kristina Magathova   Date Posted:21 October 2021 

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Summer is just around the corner and in the hot summer sun, there’s nothing better than a dip in the swimming pool. 

Going for a swim has countless benefits — it’s refreshing in the heat, it’s great for your physical health, it’s the perfect excuse to get your friends together for a catch-up and the activities are endless. Think aqua aerobics, volleyball or even just floating around on your back!

But what if the beach or the local pool aren’t options anymore? 

For the elderly or those living with disabilities, heading down to the swimming pool isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s the ideal way to relax, providing a sense of freedom and eliminating the effects of gravity on the body, but those with special needs have to overcome many obstacles to get in the water.

For many people, it is near impossible to access pools or spas without using a hoist. Pool hoists are the simplest and most advantageous solution for access to any swimming pool without complicated construction work.

At Active Mobility Systems, we stock a wide range of pool hoists suitable for multiple levels of disability, so you (or your client) can get back in the water and enjoy the summer sun. Here, we explore the different types of pool hoists available on the market, as well as their individual benefits. 

Different types of pool hoists

Man using a pool hoist

People living with disabilities utilise the water for exercise as it helps them with various different kinds of movement. This is known as hydrotherapy or water therapy. Therapists prescribe hydrotherapy for treating pain and for rehabilitation as water provides freedom and ease of motion.

With this in mind, there are various kinds of pool hoists available on the market to help people living with disabilities get back in the water.

Here are some of our top recommendations.

The Kingfisher Pool Hoist

Pool hoist

The Kingfisher Pool Hoist has a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 150 kilograms and offers floating hand control, liftable armrests for easy transfers and removable or adjustable footrests. For safety, the Kingfisher Pool Hoist also offers a lap belt to eliminate the risk of falling into the water.

Rechargeable and easy to set up, this is an excellent choice for those who love visiting the local pool on a regular basis. 

The Pelican Pool Hoist

Man using pelican pool hoist

The Pelican Pool Hoist is suitable for use in public pools, leisure centres, private homes, nursing homes and schools thanks to its mobile nature. This hoist can be easily wheeled from one area to another with no manual lifting required.

While the Pelican Pool Hoist is highly mobile, it can also be installed as a permanent fixture on the edge of a pool or spa. It can be fixed to the ground by a handyman, or Active Mobility Systems can install it for you. We’ll make sure your new pool hoist meets your needs to a tee.

The Reval Pool Lift

Reval pool lift

The Reval Pool LIft is a deluxe pool system, allowing the user to have 100% autonomous access to the pool thanks to the rotation system and the pneumatic remote control. Fixed to the ground, this pool hoist allows for safe and sturdy transfers. 

With a lifting range of 160cm and a rechargeable battery, this pool hoist is an excellent choice for those looking for more independence and a higher quality hoist at the pool.

The Guardian Pool Hoist

Guardian pool hoist

If you’re looking for something simple, the Guardian Pool Hoist is a must-have. Easily operated by the attendant, this hydraulically powered hoist allows for recreational and therapeutic swimming. It offers a full 157.5cm lifting range and features stainless steel to prevent corrosion due to the humidity of an indoor swimming pool. 

 Plus, the Guardian Pool Hoist has a 360-degree swivel, so you can dip into the pool however is most comfortable. 

How to find the right pool hoist for home-use

Pool hoist

Buying a pool hoist for home use is cheaper than purchasing a hoist for commercial use (like at a public pool) because you will be focusing on your disability and your needs, rather than everyone else’s. 

Before purchasing a hoist, you will need to take into account your height, weight and your need to inform people about your needs. You will also have to make sure your hoist suits the climate and weather conditions of your local area — while most pool hoists are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, they can still be impacted by the salty sea air of coastal homes. 

Finally, you will also need someone who can install the hoist next to your pool. That person will be responsible for checking the pool surrounds and deciding on the best spot to build/install the hoist if there is enough concrete (most models require 200mm deep).

The team at Active Mobility Systems can install a pool hoist for you if required. Simply get in touch with our team when purchasing a hoist and let us know that you need a hand installing the hoist.

Budgeting for a pool hoist

There’s no doubt about it — pool hoists aren’t cheap. However, if you have the budget available, a pool hoist can bring more independence and fun into your life. Investing in a high-quality pool hoist will show its worth sooner rather than later, as you can take a dip on warm summer days and get some much-needed exercise — without too much effort!

Thanks to pool hoists, pool access has become much easier and more convenient for the elderly and people living with disabilities. It is a benefit to have a pool hoist at the pool — not just for the user but for the operator or pool owner as well.

Shop pool hoists online with Active Mobility Systems. We are a registered NDIS provider and can assist with the funding of your hoist. Plus, we offer fast and affordable shipping throughout Australia!