Preventing Pressure Injuries

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:3 December 2019 

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Pressure sores, or pressure injuries, are areas of damage to the skin and underlying tissues that are caused by constant pressure or friction. It can quickly develop in anyone that have reduced mobility such as those confined on a wheelchair or bed as well as the elderly.

These types of injuries can be difficult to treat and can lead to serious complications. Areas that are most at risk are the heels, elbows, the back of the head and the tailbone, or coccyx, with various grades of pressure sores ranging from grade 1 to 4.

Preventing Pressure Sores

Pressure sores can be prevented by changing the position of the person with wheelchair-users advised to shift positions every 15 minutes. For those that are bed-bound it is advised to change positions once every 2 hours, including at night-time, and to avoid lying directly on their hipbones. Additionally pillows can be used as soft buffers between the skin and the bed/chair.

Other strategies for preventing pressure sores include:

  • Checking the skin daily for redness or signs of discolouration
  • Keeping the skin’s moisture level as the skin can be damaged if the skin is either too dry or moist
  • Using moisturising product to keep the skin supple and prevent dryness
  • Eating a healthy and nutritious diet
  • Maintain good hygiene practices

EquaGel Cushions

Here at Active Mobility Systems we do have a wide variety of pressure care products including our range of EquaGel cushions. These cushions have no valve or pump and require zero maintenance; additionally they are approximately 60% cheaper than market leading products such as ROHO cushions.

The EquaGel cushions are vapour permeable with a waterproof cover; this helps maintain dry skin along with offering the absolute best cost/benefit for 95%+ of patients as well as clinical advantages over inflatable and foam cushions.

When pressure mapped the EquaGel beats 2” inflatable cushions and maps extremely well against 4” inflatable cushions. Also it is 12+ degrees cooler than most inflatable cushions.

With a great range of sizes the inner cushion is virtually indestructible with the covers inexpensive meaning that replacing them doesn’t cost a lot. Furthermore while most foam cushions amplify vibrations, the EquaGel absorbs vibrations, which has a big impact on skin and tissue integrity for those that use scooters.

Finally all components are machine and hand washable with all standard Infection Control practices acceptable.

However the EquaGel aren’t the only pressure care cushions that we have as we stock a wide variety of them along with personal and bed pressure care equipment. If you’re wondering which one would be best suited to just email our sales team at