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Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:4 February 2019 

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Sensory integration is a form of occupational therapy in which special exercises are used to strengthen a patient’s sense of touch, balance and where the body and it’s part are in space. It is effective for patients with movement disorders or severe under/over sensitivity to sensory input.

We at Active Mobility work in tandem with Protac, an overseas company, to bring the Sensit, MyFit and Ball Blanket range to Australia. These products give a calming effect to patients through their special materials and features making it useful for patients in aged care, institutions and other such facilities.

Protac SenSit Chair and Puffs

Manufactured and designed in Denmark these products are filled with balls that provide individuals with the sense of self-movement and body position for calming. The Protac SenSit chair are filled with balls in the seat and back and can be used for ordinary relaxation such as when the user is watching TV or sitting on a computer. In addition the cushions at each side, that are also filled with plastic balls, have been produced as long wings which can be used to position over the body.

The chairs’ flexibility and pressure points simultaneously stimulate the sense of touch as well as the senses in the muscles and joints. It is through these impulses to the central nervous system that results in a better sensation of the body that calms the user.

The Protac SenSit chairs are available in three models:

The Protac Sensit Puff are also filled with balls and can be used as footstools while sitting on a chair in conjunction with the Sensit chairs. Additionally it can also be used as a stool/chair separately making it suitable for children and adults as well as the elderly.

The Sensit Puffs comes in a wide variety of colours with the outer covers washable or able to be wiped down with a damp cloth or disinfectant.

Protac Ball Blankets

The Ball Blankets are well known for having a wide selection of models to the needs of the individual, a filling of silent plastic balls and being a fully washable design. They are available in three models:

Flexible Model

It has four sections bearing weighted plastic balls in pockets. The sections are interchangeable and allow for customised blankets for each individual needs. It is characterised by the movement of the plastic balls, which provides a changing sensory stimulation.

Calm Model

This model has a channel construction, bearing weighted plastic balls in channels. This allows less movement of the balls and hence the sensory stimulation is milder and more soothing compared to either the Flexible or the Classic model.

Classic Model

Similar to t he Flexible in construction, but it does not have the interchangeable sections. It is chosen if the blanket needs to be tamper proof.

MyFit and Ball Cushions

The MyFit vests has a calming effect on children, adults and the elderly suffering from mental and motor restlessness, hyperactivity and anxiety. The pleasant weight and touch-pressure from the vest clearly delimits the body and strengthens the patient’s sense of body awareness.

It is made of an elastic material so that it sits close to the body with the balls distributed in channels on the front and back of the vest. The vest has a simple lace system on the back and sides that make it possible to adapt the vest according to the needs of the individual along with ensuring the greatest possible sensory stimulation.

The vests are available with either 38mm balls or 25mm balls. The 25mm balls model is especially suitable for those that are physically weak and have limited mobility such as the elderly, people suffering from dementia or neurological disorders.

The Ball Cushions provides impulses which promote a good sitting posture along with good balance training.

Designed according to the theory of sensory integration when patients sit on the Ball Cushion they will move beyond the body’s centre of gravity due to the flexibility of the balls. This will make the body sense this and signal to shift the weight of the body to maintain balance. This results the back and abdominal muscles to be stimulated so that the body receives signals to sit upright improving concentration.

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