Safer for Seniors: Essential Kitchen and Dining Tools for the Elderly

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:28 January 2019 

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Health conditions like arthritis, stroke, low vision and overall frailty make simple everyday tasks difficult for the elderly. Working in the kitchen is especially dangerous because there are hot liquids and sharp objects involved in meal preparation. For those who suffer from conditions that affect grip and dexterity, food preparation and eating are made much easier with the help of kitchen and dining aids.

Being able to perform daily tasks such as cooking and eating without extra help from others increases the elderly's self-esteem and independence. Check out this list of living aids that will help the elderly perform daily functions in the kitchen and dining room.

Can, jar and bottle openers

Some of the elderly who have restricted grips or weaker joints experience difficulty in opening jars and cans. There are tools designed to help them open these objects using the least amount of strength and movement possible. For example, The Electric Tin Opener operates with just the touch of a button. You simply place the can on the drive wheel and once you plug in the opener, the automated blade will puncture the can and cut it open for you. The machine will automatically stop when the lid is open.

For jars and bottles, there's the Twister Jar Opener and the Undo-It Jar and Bottle Opener. The Twister has a cone-shaped moulding made of rubber with fluted finger grips. The ridging on the inside provides an easier grip when opening jars and is suitable for lids with 250 to 800mm diameter. Undo-It is made of powder-coated metal and has a non-slip lining. Screwed underneath a cupboard or a shelf, the jar or bottle is slid up the V-shape of the opener until the wedges and then twisted to remove the lid.

Special lightweight cutlery

Eating is essential in our daily lives but it can be difficult and frustrating for the elderly. To help them eat and drink without much struggle, there are special cutlery sets and cups designed to assist those with weak and restricted grips. Queens Cutlery has a range of stainless steel utensils with cylindrical plastic handles to assist with gripping. They're comfortable to hold and designed for those who need to approach their food at comfortable angles. The cutlery set is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and hygienically sealed.

Active Mobility also supplies feeding cups with drinking spouts and the Pat Saunders One-way Straw. The latter comes with two plastic reusable straws that reduce air intake so the straw is filled with fluid even when the straw is removed from the user's lips. This makes it easier for the elderly to drink liquids, especially those suffering from dementia, emphysema, Alzheimer's and shortness of breath.

Food preparation systems

Being able to perform daily tasks such as cooking, lifts the moods of senior citizens. It makes them feel more independent and self-reliant. Here at Active Mobility, we provide food preparation systems that aid in kitchen work such as cutting and preparing food.

The Clyde Grater and Scraper is a grating unit with a plated metal mesh blade. There's a stainless steel spike (blunt-ended for safety purposes) attached to the unit that holds the vegetables or fruits while you're using the manual peeler. It's ideal for those with weak or arthritic hands.

Carequip’s Food Preparation System is a moulded plastic board used for cutting. It has a clamp that holds tins, bowls and food items. There are also stainless steel pikes to hold vegetables and fruits while cutting or peeling. Additionally, it comes with four non-slip rubber feet and suction pads for secure use.

Safety and Security with Active Mobility

Every individual, regardless of age or disability, can be more independent. Here at Active Mobility, we provide a wide range of living aids for the elderly. With over 20 years of experience, we prioritise the health and safety of our clients, pursuing our mission of restoring mobility to Australians. We have products for mobility, daily living, patient care and more.

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