Self-Determination Through Independent Living

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:2 May 2019 

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Throughout history, society has often looked unkindly towards people with disabilities. These people, along with the aged community, are seen as burdens as they have been underestimated in their capabilities time and again. However, as advocates of Independent Living will tell you, they are more than capable of acting for themselves provided they are given the opportunity and tools to do so. Now, more than ever, there are multiple organisations that equip people with disabilities and the members of the aged community with the necessary services and independent living equipment to live on their own with little help from others.

Independent Living, which started out as a simple philosophy for inclusivity, has evolved into a movement that champions equal opportunities for people with disabilities through self-determination and self-respect. With the Australian Network on Disability listing over four million people in the country living with some form of disability, it is time these people are seen for who they are: valuable members of the community.

Mobility Leads to Inclusivity

Independent Living provides those with disabilities and members of the aged community the solutions that make living a mobile lifestyle possible.

People with disabilities are not defined by their needs and providing them with the proper mobility solutions allows them to take a more active role in society. More often than not, they want to be seen and treated like everyone else as they are aware of their own capabilities and limitations. Supporting the disabled members of the community in their desire to be mobile boosts their confidence, raises disability awareness, and promotes empathy and inclusivity.

Members of the aged community are using their retirement as a chance to try activities they weren’t able to when they were still in the workforce as they now have more time and fewer responsibilities. Providing them with the means to be mobile allows them to enjoy their golden years. Moreover, mobility can stave off illnesses like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimer’s as these are often the result of a sedentary lifestyle. This is reason enough to encourage the use of products that help them achieve bolder and healthier lifestyles.

Independent Living in the World Today

As advocates of Independent Living continue to raise awareness on the capabilities and limitations of those living with disabilities, the need for inclusivity will only grow.

We at Active Mobility have committed ourselves to enabling and empowering the disabled members of our community. For over 20 years, we have supported this movement through the wide range of products and services that we offer. Whether it is through our consultations, independent living equipment, or product maintenance services, we aim to provide persons with disabilities and members of the aged community with intelligent mobility solutions that bolster an improved quality of life.

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