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Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:4 October 2018 

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Eating and drinking are a normal part of daily life that we do every day without thinking. However for those living with disabilities it can be a challenge and they may find it hard to eat or drink without some challenge associated with it.

That’s why we have the Neater range in stock. The Neater Eater and Drinker enables people to use their own movements to feed themselves through a wide variety of features and accessories.

For example the manually controlled Neater Eater has built-in features such as a new food scooping system. Other features includes lifting assisted by internal springs, easy height adjustment and built-in stops that can be set to limit forward and back range.


Using the Neater Eater not only increases independence in users, but also:

  • Encourage social interaction
  • Helps maintain dignity
  • Improves posture and mouth control
  • Invigorates interest in food and mealtimes to improve nutrition
  • Assists carers

But wait! That’s not the only great thing about the Neater range. Manually controlled Neater Eaters also have modular options that are tailored to the needs of the individuals. This means that no matter what abilities you may have, you can still use the Neater Eater to its full potential.

Accessories includes:

  • Forward spring to bring the spoon forwards automatically to mouth
  • Custom designed spoons for easy scooping
  • Flick guard that stops spoons from spilling food at the edge of plates
  • Adjustable handles
  • Plate turners
  • Raising spacers for tall users

Robotic Neater Eater

A robotic version of the Neater Eater is also available in our stores and it is one of our top-end assistive devices we have in the category.

The robotic Neater Eater can be used by anyone who can chew and swallow, which allows them greater independence, dignity and choice when it comes to meal times. Being portable means that it can be taken out to restaurants and family meals plus there are multiple programmes on it with different interfaces such as tablet or switch.

But eating is not the only thing that the Neater range can do. As explained above we also stock the Neater Drinkers. These products allow people to drink liquids and pureed foods and their own pace and because of its portability, it can be used either at home or outside of the home.

Available in both manual and Powered version the Neater Drinkers features long straws that can be bent to position close to the mouth and with a non-return valve inside, drinking is made simple. Furthermore light-touch switch pumps means you can select the amount of liquid or food that goes to the mouth allowing time for swallowing before it pumps it again.

Manual Neater Drinker

The Neater Drinkers can come as either a ceramic mug or a metallic mug, which is thermally insulated and fits most cup holders.

Assistive technologies allows those living with disability regain their independence by doing things that they we are able to do. However the Neater range are not the only assistive technologies that we have available and if you want to see our full range click on the button below. Or if you want to see everything that we have then our website is always ready and available for you to browse.