Things you need to know about wheelchair users

Author: Kristina Magathova   Date Posted:25 February 2020 

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When seeing a person sitting in wheelchair, we often think person can’t do anything or their life must be hard or they can’t socialise because they are disabled and so on. However that’s the wrong perception as people on wheelchairs are just as different from each other as we are from everybody else in the world.

Wheelchair users might not be able to walk, but many of them are capable of doing the same thing that a normal person can, such as driving a car, exercising, travelling or working. These people are not bound to a wheelchair, they are just using it as a device to get them from point A to point B.

To help to understand some confusion about wheelchair users, we came up with 5 facts you should know about wheelchair users.


Despite being bound in wheelchairs, people that use wheelchairs can still travel and are fully capable of seeing different parts of the world. While it might be a challenge, nowadays airports, buses and train stations are fully equipped with disability-accessible paths including accessible bathrooms.


Just because someone's in a wheelchair doesn't mean that they have to be stuck inside their home. Wheelchair users studied just like everyone else and many of them have finished university and have degrees allowing them to successful economists, lawyers, social works etc. want an example? Just look at the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and what he achieved. There are so many career opportunities for wheelchair users through all industries.


Contrary to what people might believe wheelchair users are able to drive cars and is a popular activity among wheelchair users. Obviously the cars will have to be modified to suit their needs and they'll need to consult their occupational therapists or other health professionals before they're able to drive.


Even if the lower body isn't functioning those that live in wheelchairs are still able to go to the gym and exercise. In fact there are many athletes that are actually in wheelchairs such as Dylan Alcott, Kurt Fearnley or Louise Sauvage.


Wheelchair users don’t just “hang out” with their carers. They have friends, family, siblings, colleagues just like any other people. Many wheelchair users enjoy going out, going to concerts, sport events, or going to pub. Options are endless.

People in wheelchairs don't need to be restricted to just their carers; they have friends, family, siblings and colleagues just like you and me. Many wheelchair users enjoy going out and going to concerts, movies, sport events or even just going to the pub. The options to where they go and what they can do are endless!

In the end wheelchair users are just like you and me: people. We simply need to accept them into our society.