Top 3 Popular Mobility Ramps

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:26 March 2019 

Top 3 Popular Mobility Ramps main image Top 3 Popular Mobility Ramps image

Mobility scooters and wheelchairs are useful equipment as they allow those living with disability to move around again. However even these equipment would have trouble navigating up stairs; this is where mobility ramps come in handy.

Long and wide enough for mobility scooters and wheelchairs to ride on they can help people get up stairs or sharp inclines making them useful for homes, institutions, nursing homes etc.; here at Active Mobility Systems we have a wide range of ramps available from pre-made ones to custom-built ones just for your needs. But which one to choose? Let us help you by showing you our popular ramps that customers purchase from us.

Telescopic Ramp

The Telescopic Ramp allows wheelchair users to mount stairs easily and safely and is ideal for wheelchair users requiring the assistance of attendants. It can be shortened and extended to suit the required length and its non-slip tread provides greater traction along with the underside of the ramp also covered by a non-slip rubber surface material.

The premium version of the ramp has a higher grade of aluminium frame compared to the economy along with a textured surface that provides better friction for the tyres and won’t wear down over time.

The telescopic ramps has a safe weight limit of 180kg with a lightweight, robust construction. It is one of our more popular ramps with prices starting from $210.10.

Edge Barrier Portable Ramp

Another one of our popular ramps the Edge Barrier Portable Ramp has the added security of edge barriers. Available in a wide range of lengths it is suitable for instant access to buses, trains and buildings where permanent ramps are impractical.

Manufactured with a unique combination of uni-directional glass and carbon fibre materials the Edge Barrier Portable Ramp is extremely strong and lightweight. It is designed to be carried out as a single folded unit making it transportable.

The multi-paneled designs are held together with a patented hinge system that’s connected by webbings to allow the ramps to fold into a compact unit for easy vehicle or home storage. This also allows it to exhibit a high ability to conform to differing surface angles whether it is a level building floor or an inclined sidewalk.

The portable ramps are available in a wide range of lengths from 90 – 350cm with widths ranging from 75 – 82cm. Prices start from $682.

Multipurpose Portable Ramp

These ramps are longer, wider and are designed to cope with a wider range of obstacles making it suitable for both commercial and travel situations. It is portable and lightweight with a weight of between 6 – 8kg meaning that it can be easily stored and/or transported in any vehicle or home environment yet still remains very strong.

The concertina action allows the portable ramps to fold and allows for a much smaller width when folded. Additionally the Multipurpose Portable Ramps feature a non-slip surface making it suitable for all weather conditions.

Of course if none of these ramps are what you’re looking for, don’t worry. Active Mobility Systems are able to order custom-made rubber ramps; simply let us know the specifications that you need and we’ll create rubber ramps that are made just for you or alternatively you can email to