SYDNEY: Real World Meets Reality

Date Posted:22 August 2024 

SYDNEY: Real World Meets Reality main image SYDNEY: Real World Meets Reality image

If you have an interest or need to be more confident in assessments for wheelchairs and seating systems, and want to lesrn more about how to successfully provide options to your clients, this is the workshop for you!

You will learn the skills necessary to effectivley provide evidence and clinical justification for the options you are reccomending to the funding body.

This workshop will cover:

  • Gathering information required in an efficient manner
  • Seating assessment strategies
  • Features to look for in manual wheelchairs to suit common diagnoses
  • Common wheelchair adjustments to increase client comfort and function
  • Features to look for in seat cusions to meet client needs

Date: Thursday 22nd August 2024

Time: 9AM - 3PM

Venue: Active Mobility Training Room

Presenter: Amy Bjornson

CPD Points: 6 CPD Points