Guide To Patient Bariatric Lift Chairs

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:13 January 2020 

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Lift chairs are helpful for aged care residents to get up as the chairs can tilt forward allowing them to slightly stand before being able to stand up by themselves. However there are also lift chairs that can cater to bariatric patients and they are equally just as effective and useful as normal lift chairs.

Bariatric Chair

Each Novacorr bariatric chair can hold up to 400kg and is designed specifically for the client meaning that no two chair are alike. The Bariatric Chair offers superior comfort and improved lifestyle regardless of the user’s physical requirements.

Because they’re custom-built the chair ensures that there are no discomfort and incorrect pressure areas; plus having your own custom-made chair reduces the risk of shoulder strains and hip displacement while also helping to alleviate circulation problems and water retention.

The chair’s frame is made from marine ply while its motors are designed by Linak and Dewert. Additionally the chair has commercial grade webbing as well as an emergency back-up battery. For extra comfort the chair’s backrest is made from commercial grade Dacron and the arm covers, neck cushion and seat overlay are removable.

Eton Box-in-Box Lift Chair

Aside from the Eton’s stylish appearance the lift chair has the new integral ‘box in box’ mechanism meaning that nothing can inadvertently obstruct the chair in its fully lifted position due to the fully enclosed feature.

Additionally the Eton has an independent headrest function for enhanced comfort and also has a handwand with a USB port. The Eton has a weight capacity of 180kg.

Extra Wide Comforter Chair

Featuring an extra wide seat width and reinforced frame the Extra Wide Comforter Chair is suitable for bariatric clients, able to take up to 315kg. It also has an adjustable neck pillow that provides comfort and support to the head and neck area and is supplied with head and arm covers as well as a magazine pocket.

Its dual motor provides independent control of the backrest and legrest while rise or recline motion stops whenever the button is released on its simple-to-use hand held controller.

Premier A2 Lift Chair

The Premier A2 features exceptional comfort with a blend of advanced technologies. Each of the chairs are built with exclusive mechanisms and components that are extra strong and durable.

Ambassador lift chairs are uniquely constructed using high grade steel that is precision cut for accuracy and spot-welded to key stress and weight bearing areas. Additionally the chair uses steel instead of timber or chipboard to allow the chair to last longer without sagging or losing its shape.

Effortlessly transition from sitting, reclining, resting with elevation and standing at the touch of a button. The chair allows for 12 – 15 adjustable movements to suit individual preferences and it also contains a second motor which enables the user to alter the back position without having to change the location of their legs.

All the control system is integrated into a simple hand held controller that allows you to adjust your legs to create an angled seat, recline with elevation and return to standing. This can take the pressure off lower limbs and result in a more comfortable recliner.

Wide Comforter Chair

The Wide Comforter Chair features a wider seat width and reinforced frame to suit bariatric patients, its twin motors work simultaneously to provide an increased lift capacity.

The chair’s full chaise pad provides additional legrest support and comfort while the padded legrest is synchronised with the backrest.

A simple to use hand-held controller allows you to rise or recline motion stops at any point whenever the button is released.

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