The Advantage Of Using A Ceiling Hoist For Caregivers

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:24 July 2018 

The Advantage Of Using A Ceiling Hoist For Caregivers main image The Advantage Of Using A Ceiling Hoist For Caregivers image

When it comes to improving the comfort of your care facility, one thing to consider is choosing the right patient lift equipment. Ceiling hoists are a key factor in any consideration of vital equipment for healthcare environments. Not only do they allow disabled patients to feel more comfortable when being transferred from one area to another, they also ease patient handling for caregivers.

Here are five advantages of using a ceiling hoist.


Ceiling track hoists are quick, simple and easy to use. They never get in the way, which means there is less likelihood of trips and falls within a healthcare environment. Ceiling hoists are available for caregivers to use at any moment’s notice once installed in a room. This patient lifting equipment is easily integrated into the caregiver’s life as they handle difficulties related to mobility issues.


Positioning a patient with disability is made easier with a ceiling track hoist. This product contributes to reducing the risk of injury to caregivers when carrying out patient transfer procedures. Ceiling track hoists require minimum effort to operate and can usually be operated by only one caregiver.

The simple operation of a ceiling hoist provides a closer contact between users and caregivers than mobile lifting equipment. Using a ceiling hoist easily lowers, turns and transfers a patient with almost no physical effort on the part of the caregiver.


Sufficient space is an appropriate and vital requirement for all healthcare facilities. Since they take up absolutely no floor space, ceiling hoists are the most ideal solution to fulfil this need. They are suitable for places that have limited space requirements such as small bathrooms and tight patient rooms. For chair-to-bed and bed-to-chair transfers, ceiling hoists use less operational space than mobile hoists.


Unlike other patient lifting equipment that can be worrisome for end-users, ceiling hoists are regularly positively received. The track mechanisms are secured to the highest standards, which means the chances of sudden movement are minimised in transfers.

Some ceiling hoists come with soft start features that involve the hoist building up to its full seed without jerking. Since some hoists only require a controller to move the patient, caregivers are left with all the time that they need to interact with the patient.


Many caregivers have stated that using ceiling hoists saves time in the transfer procedure. Compared to mobile lifts, caregivers no longer have to manoeuvre an unwieldly mobile unit around a patient’s room. Using mobile lifts or manually moving patients are more physically taxing unlike a ceiling lift, which makes the transfer process faster and easier.


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