The Decubitus Postural Cushion is an s-shaped cushion that's suited to create a stable position in the correct position.

It provides excellent trunk stability while the user can vary the hip and knee angles.

The lower part of the cushion can be drawn between the knees so that the user can achieve the right median and good body symmetry.

Additionally the cushion can also be shaped as a U by adjusting the fill and rotating one end to provide a netural position for the knee and hip joints. 

The cushion is ideal for:

  • Bedsore prevention and treatment
  • Lying position during night time
  • Preventing asymmetric/destructive postures
  • Wound care
  • Pressure care
  • Medical imaging positioning

For environment the cushion is ideal for:

  • Home care and night time positioning
  • Hospital and ICUs
  • Rest homes
  • Theatre tables during lengthy operations
  • Dementia wards etc.

Composition and Filling

The Decubitus is composed of waterproof bi-elastic polyurethane covers with AG Protect bio-proof processing and is filled with 100% polystyrene micro-particles.

These fillings are as thin as sand, the extreme small form-factor of the mciro beads used in the cushion allows for rapid and easy postures, which maintains comfortably on patient in contact with the cushion to relieve pressure areas that are at risk of bedsores. As a result the cushion is light and easy to use while adpatable to all morphologies while reducing pressure and giving support and hold the patient comfortably.


Size Small (XS) Large (XL) XXLarge
Length 140cm 180cm 200cm
Width 25cm 30cm 36cm


SKU 7715
Brand Medifab

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