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Author: Kristina Magathova   Date Posted:7 September 2016 

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Steptember-1.jpgOur team at Active Mobility Systems is taking their part on the challenge of competing 10000 steps a day for the “Steptember”- fundraising challenge to support Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Steptember is about setting goals and doing our best to achieve them.

Did you know the average office worker only takes 3000 steps per day? This will be a huge effort to some of us but we are happy knowing it’s for a good cause! Steptember is not just a great opportunity to raise vital funds for kids and adults living with cerebral palsy. It is also a great challenge, and a realistic plan, for all of us sitting 8 hours at a desk to increase our movements and do 10000 steps per day.

Did you know every 15 hours a child in Australia is born with cerebral palsy? By supporting Steptember and Cerebral Palsy Alliance, we are hoping to make a difference for future research. Participating in Steptember we will help to raise funds for vital equipment, life-changing services or groundbreaking research. Cerebral Palsy does not only affect the individual, but all families and communities. That’s why our participation and everybody’s donations will help to make a difference to the everyday lives of people living with cerebral palsy.


Active Mobility Systems has registered 4 teams to raise the funds and challenge each staff member to walk 10000 steps per day.

Turbo Chicks - girls team, Turbo Chicks – Michelle, Kristina and Sherry…committed to raise $500 and walk and walk and walk… You can help them to donate here.


Trevor Roach - management team of our 2 Trevors and 2 Roachs (Mark & Darryl) are aiming to raise $1500. You can help them to donate here.

Men at work - is a mixed team from the service and sales departments, Paul, Marty, Charbel and Adrian. They believe they can raise $1000.You can help them to donate here.

Priestly Pod - team of sales consultants, Ian, Roland, Rodger and Andrew who are raising $1000. You can help them to donate here.

By contributing in Steptember, we believe research in near future will provide positive outcomes for children born with cerebral palsy.

Thank to everyone who has helped Active Mobility Systems with a donation.

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