The Action professional cushion provides exceptional pressure relief for user at risk of skin breakdown or with a history of pressure sores.

4.1cm Thickness of Akton Polymer provides effective weight distribution on a contoured or flat surface. If provides an additional 50% cushioning against pressure, shear and vibratio.

This is significant for those active clients using a power wheelchair who have inreased concerns about bottoming out and the potential effects of increased tempreature.

The cushion comes with a basic cover and the choice of an incontinent cover as well. Custom sizes are avaliable.

Width: 16 - 20"
Depth: 16 - 20"
Height: 40mm
Weight: 6.8kg - 9.9kg

Brand Action Products

Action Cushion

By: on 18 October 2020
I had been lent an Action Pilot cushion by the local health service which helped with my nerve damage and back pain. I decided to buy a slightly larger one for my sagging armchair and it has made it so much more comfortable. These are great cushions and I recommend them to anyone that feels uncomfortable when sitting down.

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