The caregivers top 6 advantages of using a ceiling hoist

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:13 January 2022 

The caregivers top 6 advantages of using a ceiling hoist main image The caregivers top 6 advantages of using a ceiling hoist image

When it comes to lifting, comfort is paramount for both the caregiver and the patient. Improper lifting can be dangerous, stressful and uncomfortable for the patient, and the caregiver is at risk of straining their back. 

With this in mind, it’s important to choose the right lifting equipment for the environment. 

Ceiling hoists are common in healthcare environments -- these hoists ensure patients feel comfortable while being transferred from one area to another. Plus, a ceiling hoist can ease patient handling for the carer -- no more pains, strains and injuries. 

Certainly, ceiling hoists make patient care simpler and safer -- in this article, we share six other advantages of ceiling hoists for caregivers. 

#1. Convenience

Carer lifting a patient

One of the best things about ceiling hoists is that they are quick and easy to use. Attached to a ceiling track, the caregiver can move the patient from one area to another in a hoist without the patient’s feet touching the ground. 

Ceiling hoists also never get in the way for caregivers and visitors -- trips and falls are less likely to occur because the hoist is attached to the ceiling. 

Once a ceiling hoist has been installed in one room, it can be used at a moment’s notice, making a caregiver’s life much easier. 

#2. Simplicity

Woman putting away ceiling hoist

Positioning a patient is much easier with a ceiling hoist. Thanks to the simple operation of the hoist, the caregiver can have closer contact with the patient and reduce the risk of accidents, falls or instability. The caregiver can then lower, turn and transfer the patient with almost no physical effort on the part of the caregiver.

A single caregiver can operate a ceiling hoist with ease -- it’s a simple solution to patient mobility and transfers.

#3. Space-saving

Woman putting away ceiling hoist

Sufficient space is vital for all healthcare facilities. Ceiling hoists take up zero floor space, making them the ideal solution for healthcare scenarios and environments. They can even be used in small bathrooms and patient rooms.

Ceiling hoists also use less operational space than mobile hoists, so chair-to-bed and bed-to-chair transfers. Of course, there are foldable mobile hoists that can be used for these scenarios but they usually take a few minutes to assemble and prepare to lift the patient. Ceiling hoists are always ready to use, so we recommend them for healthcare environments.

#4. Made to the highest standards

Bedroom hoist

Patient lifting equipment often generates mixed reviews -- however, ceiling hoists are usually positively received because the ceiling track mechanisms are secured to the highest standards. The chances of sudden movement are minimised during transfer even at high speeds -- most come with a soft start feature to prevent jerking when the hoist activates. 

Many hoists are operated using a remote control, too, which means the caregiver can keep their hands free and spends more time interacting with the patient. 

#5. Time-efficient

Woman using a ceiling hoist

Many caregivers have told us that using a ceiling hoist has helped them save time with patient transfers. Compared to mobile lifting equipment, ceiling hoists certainly save time in a number of ways -- the caregiver doesn’t have to manoeuvre a large mobile unit around the patient’s room or spend minutes at a time assembling the unit. 

Using a mobile lift or moving patients manually can be physically taxing -- we recommend a ceiling hoist for faster, easier and safer transfers.

#6. Access

Ceiling hoists can go places that mobile hoists and equipment can’t -- for example, ceiling hoists can help to lift patients in and out of swimming pools, soft play areas and sensory rooms.  

As the patient is lifted over the surface of the water or space, they will have more access to fun activities and therapies -- all the while the caregiver can control the speed of the hoist from afar. 

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