How Do Dynamic Arm Assist Devices Work?

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:10 June 2022 

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How Do Dynamic Arm Assist Devices Work

People with upper arm disabilities or injuries, neurological disorders and neuromuscular disorders often struggle with simple hand-related tasks, like reaching for something, shaking hands or even using a pen or utensil. It can be incredibly frustrating, but there’s an innovative new solution — dynamic arm assist devices

These devices allow for smooth, easy movement of the user’s upper limbs and allow them to perform tasks they otherwise wouldn’t be able to perform, ultimately restoring their confidence and independence. 

So, how do these clever devices work? Here, we dive deeper into our collection of dynamic arm assist devices and explain how each of them works.


Armon Products

Armon Elemento

Active Mobility stocks one of the largest collections of Armon Products in Australia! Armon is a Netherlands-based developer of high-end dynamic arm supports which allow people with limited arm and shoulder function to move freely! 

We stock four innovative Armon products: the Elemento, Pura, Ayura and Edero.


Armon Elemento

The Armon Elemento offers arm support for those with limited strength in their arms and hands or limited muscular strength in their upper body. 

It compensates for the full weight of the arm using a spring system — the user can decide how much support they want using buttons on the device. The Elemento follows the user's natural movement, allowing the arm to move easily in any direction.


Armon Pura

The Armon Pura is a purely mechanical system — it doesn’t need an external power source! Plus, it can easily be adjusted to the right level of support by hand, allowing users to move their arms and hands freely. 

It is possible to mount the Puta on electric wheelchairs, work chairs and floor bases, and it’s available in both left and right arm configurations.


Armon Ayura

Like other Armon Products, the Ayura is designed for those with limited strength in their arms and hands or who struggle to use their muscles for a prolonged time. The device compensates for the full weight of the arm using a spring system that is easily adjustable to the user’s preferred level of support.

The Ayura can also overcompensate if preferred. The user’s arm can be raised automatically, and the Ayura compensates for more than 100% of its weight — the user doesn’t have to do it themselves. The user’s arm will sink down by reducing the degree of compensation of the Ayura.

Alternatively, you can turn off the compensation so that the arm is its normal weight.


Armon Edero

The Armon Edero is operated using a spring compensation system and supports the full weight of the arm — this is a simple one-time setting and allows the Edero to follow the natural movement of the user. Control lies with the user, not the mechanical device. 

This particular device is often used in the workplace to prevent workplace injuries like RSI/CANS. Because the arm's weight is compensated, pressure on the back, neck and shoulders is reduced. With this in mind, the Edero is popular in hands-on professions like dentistry, office work, laboratory work, surgery, and more.


The JACO Robotic Arm

JACO Robotic Arm from Kinova Robotics

At Active Mobility, we stock the JACO Robotic Arm from Kinova Robotics, a lightweight robotic arm that allows users to adapt themselves to a world that doesn’t adapt to them. It is designed for users with little or no hand function and those using power wheelchairs. The JACO Robotic Arm can be mounted sideways on their wheelchair to follow them wherever they go.

The JACO has been designed to be user-friendly and incredibly intuitive. With a six-axis robotic manipulator arm and a three-fingered hand, the JACO can be controlled by any existing wheelchair controller (e.g. a standard joystick, chin control or even a head array). It simply connects to the ECU of the power chair control system.

To use the JACO, users can simply focus on the movements of the gripper itself — with this in mind, a reasonable level of understanding and visual capacity should be present.


MultiLink Dynamic Arm Support

Multilink Dynamic Arm Support

The MultiLink mobile arm support system features an elevation-assist function for a greater range of arm motion for activities like feeding and facial hygiene. The MultiLink carries the arm’s weight with movements from the shoulder girdle, which are then converted into forearm movements like reaching and grabbing. Even people challenged with muscular weakness or paralysis can pick up objects using the elastic band-assisted MultiLink system!

This particular system fits children through to adults and is universal for both left and right arms.


Purchase a dynamic arm assist device online with Active Mobility

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one, a client or yourself, a dynamic arm assist device can change lives! Restore confidence, independence and mobility — purchase a dynamic arm assist device online with Active Mobility. We offer fast, affordable shipping and we are a registered NDIS provider (4050099007) — contact us for a quote to submit to the NDIS!