How To Support Kids In Wheelchairs & Make Every Day Easier

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:9 January 2022 

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How To Support Kids In Wheelchairs

Our kids are growing, learning and developing every day — for kids in wheelchairs, this can be even more of a challenge! Their needs will change drastically as their skills develop and their bodies grow, which is why we need to do everything we can to make each day easier than the last. 

In this article, we share a few key ways you can support kids in wheelchairs to live their best lives. Read on!

Modify Your Home

Allegro Manual Traverse Monarch Ceiling Hoist


Manoeuvring a wheelchair through doorways and down hallways isn’t an easy task for an adult wheelchair user, so it’s even more difficult for kids in wheelchairs who are still learning and developing. With this in mind, we recommend modifying your home to accommodate your child’s wheelchair, keeping in mind they will eventually need to size up to an adult wheelchair. 

According to wheelchair access standards in Australia, doorways should be at least 850mm wide unobstructed (meaning door handles and doorstops must be outside this space). The same measurement is recommended for hallways. 

Some other modifications include: 

  • In the bathroom, add an over-toilet seat aid so your child can maintain independence and lift themselves up or onto the toilet seat. You might also add bathroom rails for support, a Paediatric Self Propelled Shower Commode and a transfer aid like our Sliding Transfer Bench.
  • In the bedroom, install a bed pole so your child can manoeuvre themselves into a seated position at the edge of the bed before transferring into a chair. You might also install bed rails to prevent falls in the middle of the night. 
  • In the kitchen, consider installing counters and appliances that are lower than average so that when your child reaches their teen years, they can comfortably cook, wash the dishes and prepare for their day.
  • If your child has additional needs, consider installing a ceiling hoist with an extensive track system throughout your home. This will make transfers easier as your child ages and enable easier movement from room to room. Plus, it will take the pressure and strain off your back, so you can continue to provide the best care possible.

We stock paediatric slings that are perfect for use with a ceiling hoist system. Shop online now!


Find A Great Wheelchair For Kids

HELIO Kids Wheelchair


Kids in wheelchairs need a “cool” set of wheels to get around during the day — the good news is that we stock a wide range of wheelchairs for kids that are sure to impress! For example, the HELIO Kids Wheelchair from Motion Composites is available in eye-catching hot pink but also comes with a huge range of attractive benefits. 

This manual wheelchair for kids is made from carbon fibre, meaning it’s incredibly light but equally as strong and can easily be folded down for travel. Plus, the seat depth of the wheelchair can be increased for greater comfort and precision as your child grows.

Zippie Z300M Mini


If your child has additional mobility needs, we recommend the Zippie Z300M Mini from Sunrise Medical. Equipped with impressive electronics, this power wheelchair  can easily connect with accessories such as a head array, a mini joystick and switch control. It’s a convenient, all-in-one solution for growing kids! 

For ultimate comfort, this chair also comes with 50 degrees of power tilt, allowing the user or carer to easily change their position. Plus, the seating is highly adjustable and personalised — the user can travel through small spaces, and the chair can go over tough terrains.


Invest In Children's Wheelchair Accessories

Spex KIDZ Standard Contour Cushion

Kids in wheelchairs need to be seated and positioned well early in life. With this in mind, we recommend opting for children’s wheelchair accessories like the Spex KIDZ Standard Contour Cushion. This cushion provides the solution for positioning and levelling the pelvis correctly — strategic placement of the base cell system helps to further contour the cushion to your child’s body for correction and control. 

The Spex KIDZ Standard Contour Cushion is designed for kids who: 

  • Have changing postural needs
  • Have a symmetrical or asymmetrical sitting posture that needs correction or control
  • Require pelvic comfort and pressure relief and/or distribution
  • Require a high level of pelvic stability and specific contouring 
  • Have tight hamstrings or a lack of hip flexion.

Regarding head positioning, we recommend the Spex Paediatric Standard Lateral Head Support Cushion. Featuring a posterior pad with suboccipital reinforcement, this cushion promotes proper head positioning during rotation — plus, with a clever ear cut-out detail, your child will stay comfortable while resting at different positions on the pad. 

The Spex Head Support Cushion has soft memory foam for extra pressure relief, and it has been geometrically and biomechanically designed to provide support for your child in their wheelchair.


Consider Whether Other Children's Special Needs Equipment Is Required

Kingsdene Junior Change Table

At Active Mobility, we stock a wide range of other children’s special needs equipment, including the Kingsdene Junior Changing Table. This is ideal for parents and carers who need a durable changing table for children and teens — the height is adjustable for comfortable handling, ensuring you can help your child into the correct positional height during treatment. 

With a robust twin-lift mechanism, you can count on the rigidity and stability of the Kingsdene Junior Changing Table.

Cyrstal Paediatric Shower Trolley

If you need additional help bathing and showering your little one, we recommend the Crystal Paediatric Shower Trolley from Reval. At 1600mm in length, this trolley is ideal for children and features a comfortable, waterproof mattress with an adjustable headrest. 

The stainless steel side rails ensure your child’s safety while bathing.


Shop Wheelchairs For Kids, accessories And Extra Equipment Online With Active Mobility


At Active Mobility, we want to see all kids in wheelchairs living life to the fullest, which is why we stock an incredible range of wheelchairs for kids, wheelchair accessories and so much more, all designed to make mobility easy. 

Browse our collection and check out online for fast, affordable shipping throughout Australia. Alternatively, book a showroom appointment in Silverwater (Sydney) or Thornton (near Newcastle). Our team would be more than happy to give you a tour and help you find the perfect equipment for your child.