The iXpress offers a high performing, reliable Power Add On System, turning a manual wheelchair into a compact and convienent powered solution.

Whether you are going shopping, going to the movies or just hanging around with your family and friends the QUICKIE iXpress will truly extend life's little pleasures.

Choose your controller

Conveniently choose between an ergonomically designed joystick or a fully functional attendant control option with innovative glide to steer operation.

The iXpress Power Assist Devices features Japanese designed and made electronics which can be programed for individual needs.

Compact Battery Design

The Power Add On Device is powered by easy to remove and quick to charge Nickel or Lithium Batteries which have a 16km range before needing to be recharged.

Wheelchair Compatability

The cleverly designed wheelchair add on system has been made adaptable to suit on a wide range of Sunrise Medical manual wheelchairs including: Quickie Iris, Zippie Iris, Quickie Q2, Quickie Q2 Lite, Quickie GP Series, Zippie X'Cape and Breezy BasiX.

Other wheelchair models may be available on application.

Speed choices: Up to 6km/h
Max. range: Up to 16km per charge
Batteries: Nickel or lithium
Total weight: 17.4kg
Max. user weight: 120kg

SKU 1171320
Brand Sunrise Medical