5 Must-Have Assistive Devices for Older Adults

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:11 July 2022 

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5 Must-Have Assistive Devices for Older Adults

There are hundreds of assistive devices available on the market to help older adults maintain their confidence and independence at home! From lift chairs to arm assist devices and even simple tools like shoe horns, these clever devices can help make everyday living easier. 

Here are five must-have assistive devices!

#1. Lift Chairs

Pride D30 Power Lift Chair (Single Motor)

There’s nothing better than spending an afternoon in your favourite armchair reading a book or watching a movie. However, if you have trouble going from sitting to standing, getting in and out of that chair can be a real challenge! With this in mind, we recommend investing in a comfortable lift chair.

Lift chairs have a huge range of benefits: 

  • Reduces strain when sitting and standing. Sitting and standing can be challenging if you suffer from joint stiffness or muscular aches and pains. Fortunately, the powerful motors in lift chairs can do your hard work. A lift chair will assist with sitting, standing and reclining for complete comfort.
  • Restores independence. Using a lift chair will reduce the need for assistance when sitting or standing, ultimately boosting your confidence and independence.
  • Promotes circulation. The leg-elevating footrest that comes with a lift chair is designed to improve circulation and keep blood flowing freely through your body. It can also reduce swelling caused by fluid retention and reduce the risk of varicose veins.
  • Provides posture support. Normal chairs can be harsh on your body and joints but lift chairs are specially designed to be gentle, lower skeletal joint fatigue and degeneration, and even help maintain muscle tone!
  • Reduces support worker injuries. One of the riskiest tasks for a support worker is transferring a client from a seated to a standing position or vice versa. Support workers are always at risk of experiencing muscle strains and back injuries due to incorrect transfer techniques, which is where a lift chair can be a real help. Lift chairs reduce the lifting a support worker needs to do, minimising the risk of injuries.

We stock an incredible range of lift chairs from world-renowned brands like Pride Mobility, Theorem Concepts and Ambassador. Browse through our collection and shop online today!


#2. Dynamic Arm Assist Devices

Armon Edero

A dynamic arm assist device is a real help if you have limited strength in your arms or hands. The Armon Edero, for example, makes it possible to complete tasks you may normally struggle with, like eating or drinking, shaking hands, grabbing something high or low, or even completing daily tasks like washing your face or combing your hair. 

This device compensates for the full weight of your arm using a spring system — you can choose how much support you want using the buttons on the device. Plus, the Armon Edero follows your arm’s natural movement so that you can move your arm easily in any direction. 

We stock a great range of assistive products from Armon. Find the right dynamic arm assist device for you online now!


#3. Adjustable Beds and Mattresses


Need a hand getting in and out of bed, or simply need some additional comfort at night? An adjustable bed and mattress can make all the difference to your sleeping pattern, and here’s why!

  • Easy transitions and transfers if you have mobility issues. By simply raising the bed, you will have more support getting in and out of bed — with or without help from a support worker!
  • Relieves chronic pain. An adjustable bed can relieve uncomfortable pressure points in the body and make it easier to find a comfortable sleeping position at night.
  • Helps with circulation. Raising the mattress around your head or legs can promote good blood circulation.
  • Prevents heartburn. Unfortunately, heartburn gets more frequent with age as our muscles weaken and stop functioning normally — including the muscle responsible for controlling the valves between the oesophagus and the stomach. An adjustable bed allows the user to raise their head and keep their stomach acid where it’s supposed to be!
  • Eases sleep apnoea. Genetics can cause us to store extra fat around our necks. Ageing is also a culprit, as it can cause our skin to loosen and sag in the neck area, which narrows the throat muscles and blocks our airways while we sleep. With an adjustable bed, you can alter your sleeping position, prop your head up and take the weight off your windpipe, allowing you to breathe and sleep peacefully at night. 

Browse through our collection of adjustable beds and mattresses online now!


#4. Raised Toilet Seats, Surrounds and Rails

3-in-1 Toilet Rail

Just like beds and chairs, it can be difficult for older adults with mobility issues to lift themselves on and off the toilet, which is why we stock an extensive range of raised toilet seats, toilet surrounds and rails to improve safety and security in the bathroom. 

Toilet surrounds are a simple and effective solution for toileting. The rails are close to the body where support is most needed, and you can safely lower yourself onto the toilet and push yourself back up when finished. Some models, like the 3-in-1 Toilet Rail, have handles that can be folded down to facilitate wheelchair transfers. 

If you have limited arm and upper body strength, we recommend opting for a raised toilet seat instead. A raised toilet seat minimises the space you need to bend to reach the toilet. Here at Active Mobility, we have raised toilet seats up to 150mm in height, and we recommend investing in toilet side rails for additional stability.


#5. Dressing Aids

Long-Handled Brush

Getting dressed is something we all do every day, but for those with limited mobility, dressing can be challenging and sometimes even painful. This is where dressing aids come in handy — tools like button hooks, shoe horns, sock aids, and stocking aids can help you manage to dress with or without assistance.

We also recommend a simple dressing stick with an angled wire hook and a rubber tip on the opposite side for a two-in-one dressing solution.


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