Essential items for elderly or people living with disabilities

Author: Kristina Webb   Date Posted:4 July 2020 

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In this difficult time, most of us are pleased to be home, our safe place, and wait until Covid-19 passes. With the government restricting people going out it can be difficult to get the essentials you need to stay mobile. Active Mobility Systems can help provide these essential services to people living with disabilities, elderly, aged care homes, nursing homes, group homes and much more.

Looking through our extensive range, we came with a list of products that people should keep in their households while looking after elderly or disabled people.

Non-Slip Socks

Thanks to its non-slip grip, these socks are designed to reduce the chance of slipping on floor and causing injuries. Available in 5 colours (Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple) and 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large) the Non-slip socks are made of soft terrycloth, they are latex free and washable in washing machine.  MORE

Posey Slippers

Posey Slippers are recommended for patients that require non-skid footwear. These slippers are designed to prevent patients from falling. Posey Slippers that have larger opening help accommodate patients with oedema or large ankles. They are made from soft terry cloth and have latex free rubber sole. MORE

Hip Protectors

Did you know that around 90% of hip fractures are attributed to falls? To help prevent that these hip protectors have high impact absorbing viscoelastic pads to help protect the hip bones against injuries from falls. The Hip protectors are 100% latex free and can be washed without removing the pads.

In fact they have been proven to help reduce the risk of hip fractures by 60%! Additionally the hip protectors are designed as such that patients can wear their own undergarments and there are even some style that allows them to be worn in the shower. MORE


Falls alarms are devices that help reduce the possibility of a fall from a bed, toilet or chair. Once an alarm has been connected to a sensor an alarm call will sound if the patient attempts to get up and leave unassisted. This is useful for staff members as they will be able to know when someone is trying to get out, which then reduces the chances of the patient falling to the floor. MORE

Patient Lifting Slings

Active Mobility Systems offers a large variety of patient lifting slings giving carers an easy solution for lifting and transferring patients.

A sling can be specifically tailored according to the mobility level of patient and the purpose of the lifting manoeuvre. We stock a wide range of lifting slings from Australian manufacturers such as Allegro Concepts and Silvalea.

Additionally we also stock single use patient lifting slings, which are great options for when patients have to stay hospital or if slings are needed for a short term only. Single Use patient lifting slings have been developed to combat cross-contamination of patients through the sharing of soiled fabric products. MORE


Knowing that walking might be a difficult part of moving, mostly for elderly people, brings another one of our products to your attention.

Walkers or walking frame are great equipment to help elderly patients move around the house or in the backyard.

Walkers most frequently are height adjustable meaning that if it’s too short or tall then the height can be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual. Additionally most walkers comes with a vinyl bag and seat meaning that you can take it outside and have a sit if you’re tired or to store some things if need be.

These products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities and each household should keep a basic walker for elderly resident. MORE

Incontinence Aid

Slips, Pads, Pull-ups…you name it. All incontinence items are essential items for those who need it.

The MoliCare slips are a modern all-in-one incontinence brief with a 3-layer anatomically shaped absorbent core and offers maximum leakage protection through high absorbent and holding capacity.

It has a high retention capacity and supports skin health while still remaining comfortable. The slips are available in 3 models, each able to take on a certain amount of absorbency.

  • Extra Plus – 1403ml
  • Super – 1833 – 2719ml
  • Maxi – 3360ml

The MoliCare Mobile Pull-Ups are incontinence briefs designed for all levels of incontinence. It is suitable for those that suffer from moderate urinary and faecal incontinence.

Designed to fit as comfortably as underwear they feature a breathable back for added comfort along with soft inner cuffs. This forms an effective barrier against leakage and in addition it also has a wetness indicator to show when they need to be changed and tear-open sides for easy changing.

The Pull-Ups are available in 3 sizes (small ,medium and extra large) and depending on which size and model you choose the Pull-Ups can hold between 930 – 2250ml.

We also stock skin body lotions, which provide the skin with moisture and lipids for more skin elasticity. It contains creatine to stimulate the energy metabolism of the skin and to reinforce its natural protection functions.

The lotion contains the Nutriskin Protection Complex for strengthening the skin’s barrier and regeneration function and is suitable for intensive care for sensitive elderly skin.

The MoliCare Skin Care Cleansing Foam cleans the skin thoroughly with a pH 5.5 skin-balanced formula, which helps preserve the acid protection mantle of the skin that acts as a barrier to infections. Suitable for faecal incontinence no water is required and it neutralizes odours. MORE

Ulna Initial

An Ulna is a door handle designed to enable hands free opening of a door. It is shaped to allow use of the forearm to open the door. Ulna is easy to install, you can just easily replace your current door handle. This is the first door handle that is dedicated to infection control, ergonomic task management and accessibility for the less able.

Ulna door handle is suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, schools, regular households, schools and other places.


These are our recommendation for essential items to keep at home while looking after elderly or disabled person. Small items like non-slip socks can assist people in their daily lives. We need to look after the most vulnerable people around us and make their live easier in this challenging time.

We all hope that our clients are keeping safe and healthy. If you need any recommendations with equipment and items, please do not hesitate to contact us. Check our updated policy prior coming to Showroom.

Active Mobility Systems, as an essential service provider, will look after all our clients and will provide the best service as possible.