How To Choose A Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:5 May 2022 

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The meaning of the term “heavy duty mobility scooter” tends to vary from brand to brand. For some, “heavy duty” refers to mobility scooters for a larger person. For others, “heavy duty” refers to scooters that are built to handle difficult terrains and longer distances. 

No matter what you’re looking for in a heavy duty mobility scooter, you might be wondering how to choose the right scooter for you. There are hundreds of models, sizes and configurations available on the market — so what characteristics should you be looking for when shopping for a new scooter? 

At Active Mobility, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ve put together some key characteristics to keep in mind while browsing through our collection — read on.


Heavy-duty all-terrain mobility scooters

Pathrider 140XLTo start, we’ll discuss heavy duty all-terrain mobility scooters. This kind of scooter is perfect for users who like to explore the Great Outdoors, whether you’re taking a trip to the local park or driving around your property. These scooters generally have large-capacity batteries, increased suspension, extra padded seating, high torque motors (for driving uphill) and tougher tyres so you can veer off the beaten track.

Here are a few characteristics to explore when shopping for a heavy duty all-terrain mobility scooter.



Because you will be tackling tougher terrains, you want to ensure your mobility scooter has ample suspension for your comfort. All of our heavy duty mobility scooters are built with improved suspension as a standard — this will ensure your mobility scooter can handle bumps, gravel, grass, dirt and other obstacles that a standard scooter could not so easily manage. 


Hydraulic braking system

Reliable brakes are essential for a heavy duty mobility scooter. You may be travelling down steep roads or over exceptionally bumpy terrain, so you need to be able to brake — and fast. Our range of heavy duty mobility scooters have sensitive brakes (often hydraulic systems) so you can comfortably slow to a stop when required.

It is important to note that all scooters have an automatic braking system — the hydraulic system is an additional safety braking system used for emergency braking and is considered a backup.


Pneumatic tyres

Standard mobility scooter tyres won’t do the trick if you’re driving over rocks and bumps on the road. With this in mind, heavy duty mobility scooters have pneumatic tyres that are specifically designed for outdoor travel. Similar to regular car or truck tyres, pneumatic tyres can absorb the unevenness of the terrain and deliver a smoother ride. 


Ground Clearance

You need to be able to clear obstacles with ease, so you should also keep an eye out for scooters with excellent ground clearance. The Pride Pathfinder 140 XL (picture above), for example, has a ground clearance of 13.3cm. Anything around or above 10cm is recommended. 


Lighting and Indicators

If you’re especially adventurous, you might want to take your mobility scooter out at night. In this case, LED lighting and indicators are essential — all of our heavy duty mobility scooters come with headlights and indicators to ensure you’re easily seen in the dark. You might also choose to add a hi-vis flag and/or wear a hi-vis vest to make sure everyone can see you while you travel.


Mobility scooter for a larger person

Comet Ultra

If you’re looking for a mobility scooter that can handle your height and weight while still being comfortable, we recommend looking into bariatric scooters (this is part of our heavy duty mobility scooter collection). These scooters have a higher weight capacity than everyday mobility scooters or all-terrain scooters, ensuring you have the speed and support you need to get around.

Here are some characteristics to look for in a mobility scooter for a larger person.


Increased height and weight capacity

Bariatric scooters need to be able to withstand the user’s height and weight. With this in mind, we recommend looking for scooters with a weight capacity that’s higher than 200 kilograms. The Shoprider Rocky 8, for example, has a safe working load (SWL) of 225 kilograms and a 2.0ph motor to ensure you can get where you want to go comfortably, safely and on time. 


Extra power

Your heavy duty mobility scooter will need extra power so you can tackle steeper slopes and travel from point A to B. All bariatric mobility scooters come with a larger battery capacity than most standard mobility scooters ensuring you have enough power to propel yourself forwards. The Comet Ultra and the Merits Australia Aurora Hill Climber, for example, have four-pole motors and larger controllers to ensure you can manage steep driveways and hills. 


More suspension and reinforced components

Improved suspension is important for bariatric mobility scooters. This particular feature is designed for comfort and stability while you travel. The Comet Ultra (pictured above) comes with a more powerful suspension for superior comfort and the seat column is reinforced for additional stability. Plus, the Comet Ultra has reinforced and adjustable armrests so you have additional support getting on and off the scooter, as well as bariatric seat sizes up to 20 inches wide.

You can count on the Comet Ultra for superior comfort, performance and safety.


Shop heavy duty mobility scooters online or in-store with active mobility

Need a hand choosing a heavy duty mobility scooter? We always recommend discussing your needs and concerns with an occupational therapist first but our team is always available to provide recommendations and advice. We have a team of heavy duty mobility scooter specialists and occupational therapists to help you find the right mobility scooter to meet your needs.

Shop heavy duty mobility scooters online for fast and affordable shipping throughout Australia, or book a showroom appointment to explore our collection in person. Our team can explain all the ins and outs of our mobility scooter so you feel more confident with your purchase.