5 Paraplegic Assistive Devices To Make Everyday Living Simpler

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:9 January 2022 

5 Paraplegic Assistive Devices To Make Everyday Living Simpler main image 5 Paraplegic Assistive Devices To Make Everyday Living Simpler image

5 Paraplegic Assistive Devices To Make Everyday Living Simpler

Whether you’re using a wheelchair or caring for someone who does, you might be looking for new and innovative ways to make everyday living easier. 

The good news is that we have a wide range of wheelchair add-ons and equipment for paraplegics to make your mobility easier than ever. This article shares our top paraplegic assistive devices — read on.


#1. An electric wheelchair conversion kit


Alber e-Motion

Wishing you bought that electric wheelchair when you had the chance? It’s not too late to upgrade! We stock an incredible range of manual wheelchair add-ons to turn your manual wheelchair into an electric one easily, like the e-motion add-on from Alber

Designed to minimise joint and muscle strain from operating the push rims of a manual wheelchair, the e-motion responds to the pressure you put on the push rim and allows you to travel longer distances with less effort. Plus, the e-motion add-on comes with a DuoDrive setting, allowing you to travel long distances without using the push rim. 

We also offer an extensive range of similar products including: 

  • The e-fix from Alber

    The e-fix is a useful add-on that turns a manual wheelchair into an electric one, ensuring users can cover more ground without stress or assistance. It can be installed or removed without tools and fit into even the smallest car boots.
  • The twion from Alber

    The twion add-on is designed for “active” wheelchair users who still have upper body function and can push their wheelchair themselves. The driving sensor is positioned on the push rim and continuously and precisely determines the correct amount of assistance the user needs. The modern lithium batteries in the wheel hubs allow the twion to travel up to 10km/h without strain on the user.
  • The Light Drive System from Active Mobility

    You can quickly and easily convert a manual wheelchair into an electric one with our own Light Drive System. It can be installed and dismantled within seconds — plus, it allows users to drive their wheelchairs around like a manual vehicle with a joystick.
  • The Glide G2 Joy

    The Glide G2 Joy can help users reach a new level of independence. A normal manual wheelchair can instantly become a power wheelchair, allowing users to tackle tough inclines — the Glide G2 Joy makes hills feel like downhill slopes.
  • The Quickie iXpress

    The Quickie iXpress is one of the most flexible power add-ons on the market. Like the other add-ons in our collection, this add-on is quick and simple to install — but users can choose between an ergonomically designed joystick or a fully functional attendant control option with an innovative “glide to steer” operation.

#2. The Sporty e-Pilot from Alber

Alber e-Pilot

Want to visit friends or head out into the Great Outdoors? The e-Pilot from Alber is a sporty addition that’ll make it happen! Just dock the e-Pilot to your manual wheelchair, and you can travel up to 50km in one sitting with its large li-ion battery pack. 

When you’ve reached your destination, just undock the e-Pilot to use your wheelchair as usual. 

Features include: 

  • Durable hydroforming aluminium frame
  • Integrated battery holder with lock
  • Cables and wires built into the frame
  • Button for horn and lights
  • Button for on/off, menu, speed selection, reverse gear and tour data
  • Hydraulic brake lever — left and right
  • Swivelling function to overcome obstacles 
  • Gearless motor for a noiseless drive and minimal maintenance 
  • 250W motor (constant) or 650W (peak)
  • Pneumatic tires
  • USB socket for charging smartphones and devices.

#3. The Secure DAHL Docking System

DAHL Docking System

Looking for a simple solution to more stability in the car? The DAHL Docking System adapts to different kinds and models of wheelchairs, ensuring a safe and stable ride every time. Plus, the docking system also improves the driver’s environment — many drivers struggle with small spaces and bad working positions while securing wheelchairs. 

Features include: 


  • Height adjustment between 61 and 91mm
  • 75% less time-consuming than securing a wheelchair with a 4-point strap system
  • Tested for wheelchairs up to 200kg (plus the user)
  • 4-step power tightening system
  • Opening time for lock between 5 or 8 seconds
  • No tie-down straps to trip on
  • Improves working environment for drivers
  • “Maintenance required” warning on display.

This paraplegic assistive device is compatible with the Sango Advanced & Slimeline Sego, the Glide Centro, Q700M, Q500M, Q6 Edge 2.0, TQ FWD IQ, TA MWD IQ and the TA RWD IQ.


#4. The Innovative Gyroset Vigo Headset

Gyroset Vigo Headset

The Gyroset Vigo Headset is one of the most innovative pieces of equipment for paraplegics and quadriplegics alike. Ideal for people living with spinal cord injuries, ALS, quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy or muscular sclerosis, this headset has the smoothest proportional head control available on the market. 

Features include: 

  • Built-in emergency stop function
  • Re-calibrate neutral position at any time
  • Access seating, speed and profile menu with an infrared sensor 
  • Activate/deactivate drive mode easily 
  • Up to 14 hours of battery life 
  • Customisable settings for the user’s needs using free software
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Extremely short training period required!

This model is compatible with PG’s OMNI, OMNI 2 and IOM Module, Invacare/Dynamic's Linx System, and Quantum's Q-Logic 3 EX Enhanced Display or SCIM Module.


#5. The Best Shower Chairs for Paraplegics

Swivel Shower Chair

Looking for the best shower chair for paraplegic people? We stock an incredible range of water and rust-resistant shower chairs to make bathing simpler. For example, our Swivel Shower Chair is always a popular choice — this chair allows you to move from side to side in the shower, ensuring you can wash all sides easily.

There are also seat locks in place to help with transferring and balance when transferring from the shower to the wheelchair or vice versa. 

Our shower seats have drainage holes to remove used soapy water and non-slip rubber tips to prevent dangerous slips in the shower or bath.


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