How To Maintain Your Power Wheelchair

Author: Nicholas Sutedja   Date Posted:13 March 2018 

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Power wheelchairs are one form of transport that can be used for those that normally wouldn’t be able to travel. However just like cars they need to be serviced and well maintained to ensure that there are no issues when it comes to using them.

Knowledge is power. It’s an old and well known saying and it applies to power wheelchairs as well, why you ask? Because the more you know about your wheelchair the better in a position you are when you go to the repair shop and they ask you what’s wrong with it.


Read up on your wheelchair’s features and the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Learn all about the wheelchair’s components and recognise when there is an issue.

Familiarize yourself with the sound that your wheelchair makes. What it sounds like when everything is running smoothly. Then when something goes wrong and you hear an odd sound coming from your wheelchair then that would be your first sign to probably go to a repairer and have it checked for any errors or parts that needs to be replaced.

All the things that keep the wheelchair together; bolts and electrical connections should be secure at all times because if they don’t then the wheelchair won’t work or worse break when you need it the most. If something begins to loosen or doesn’t seem right then go to a repairer immediately.

Just as important is that if you are going to replace the parts of your wheelchair that you obtain them from appropriate manufacturers and dealers as otherwise the power wheelchair might not work or worse damage it.

Keeping your power wheelchair regularly charged is a good thing. Don’t let it discharge completely as that could damage the battery and may lead to having it replaced before its due date.

A handy tip is to drain new batteries by up to 30% for the first 10 days and then charging them. This will ensure that the batteries achieve fully-charged status.

Additionally avoid depleting them over 80% as that will damage your batteries quickly, while this may be impossible for some you may want to consider a higher budget for wheelchair batteries as it is most likely that you will replace them within a year.

If the power wheelchair gets dirty then it’s performance is going to decline. Much like how you keep your car clean so that it’s working at optimal condition, you need to do the same for your power wheelchair.

Don’t just wash it the way you would wash your car. Moisture can get inside the components of the wheelchair and that will lead to rusting.

Use a damp cloth to wipe down your wheelchair and avoid wet weather if possible. If you see sticky spots or stains then use a mild detergent or stronger cleaner to wipe it off.

Follow these tips and your power wheelchair will help you for a long time to move around. However it’s expected that eventually you’ll have to replace your wheelchair due to age and tear, when that happens you can rest assure that AMS’ can find the right fit for you with our wide range of power wheelchairs.

Alternatively you can contact our skilled technicians in our service department by filling in our online form.

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